How to Recruit Top Talent for Your Small Biz - Advice from Ramon Ray

Most U.S. businesses operate with a very small number of employees. In fact, if you add non-employer businesses with employer firms, you find that 97.9 percent of U.S. businesses have less than 20 workers! This means that the average business is powered by an extremely small staff and still has a ton of work to do – a fact that makes recruiting top talent a number one priority.

However, many small business owners wonder if they can compete with larger corporations when it comes to finding the best employees. Big companies can often offer higher salaries and additional perks that are not feasible for small businesses. Should you give up? Should you simply accept the fact that you will have to settle for less-than-ideal workers?

Absolutely not!

Hiring Tips – How to Recruit Top Talent

Smart Hustle editor Ramon Ray recently covered this topic in an article for American Express Open Forum titled How to Compete with Big Companies for the Best Employees. As someone who has worked for very large companies and has also run very small companies, he has been on both sides of the table. He knows that as a small business owner it can be frustrating to try to find and win the best employees – but it certainly can be done.

The key is that today’s employees are often looking for more than just a big paycheck. Many want to be connected to their work, to feel like they are part of something important and meaningful. They are also looking for freedom, including the ability to work from home and to put their own creative spin on projects.

In the article, Ramon covers some of the facts regarding the sort of things employees are looking for in their ideal job. He also offers four things you can do to make your small business employment opportunities more attractive to workers.

As a small business owner, you know there is a lot of work to be done and that you need the best workers at your side. To build a stronger, more competent team, get Ramon’s advice here.

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