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Interview: Turning A Moment of Crisis Can into an Opportunity

The mid-life crisis. The dead-end job. The job that’s slowly killing you inside. The job, or the small business, that’s now gone because of a completely unpredictable global catastrophe. These are situations that occur at least once in nearly every person’s life. They are what Randi Levin calls “transitional moments,” and they are precisely the reason she calls herself a “transitional coach.” Randi specializes in these crucial periods in a person’s life because, while they are often times of personal struggle, they are also golden opportunities to examine what it is we truly want to do with our lives.

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Randi coaches people in their totality, all 360 degrees of them, as opposed to other business coaches who neglect the personal side and focus on your resume or your profitability. She looks at both the personal and professional. If you feel those things are imbalanced, it’s a great time to hire a coach to help you answer the question, what will your legacy be?


The Concept of Pivoting

Much of Randi’s philosophy rests on the simple act of what she calls “pivoting”–a subtle action that she describes with the attentiveness of a karate instructor. Pivoting makes a crucial distinction from moving away from something. So many people fall into the trap of setting goals, failing to meet those goals, and then give up and walk away. Instead, she says, think of pivoting as a turning or twisting movement, but always toward something rather than away. If you simply move backwards from your current situation, that momentum will hold you in the strength of its grip and keep you far away from pursuing what you want. A pivot keeps you facing forward and ready to tackle what’s in front of you.

Why Partner with a Transitional Coach?

The current global situation represents, perhaps for the first time in recent history, a time when nearly everyone has been forced into a transitional phase at once. This is where Randi comes in. Partnering with a transition coach like Randi gives you the support you need to get to that next place, move fear away, and have accountability. Your friends are biased, and will give you their opinion and tell you what to do. But a coach/partner will ask you the right questions, help you build the right imagery, and allow you see possibilities that you didn’t know existed.

For example, some people have hired Randi after having weight loss surgery and experienced a kind of identity crisis in their new body. Others recently jumped from one business to another. Still others had been out of the game for personal reasons and looking to get back in. What’s out there? What is the current landscape like? A partner helps you navigate your fears around a complex business world. A partner validates you. A partner also helps reframe your idea or goal if she believes your energy is being misdirected. What are the choices you’re willing to make, and what are you willing to give up?

The Process of Transitioning

Randi breaks down her process of transitioning into three parts:

Learn to lead yourself. “Address you as a person first. You lead you. Before you can manage or lead someone else, you have to lead yourself,” Randi says. A good partner empowers you to lead yourself, because if you don’t lead, you will follow, and what most people end up following is their fears. Now is the perfect time to reconnect with who and what you are. What are your values? Not the ones you inherited from parents, but the ones you have developed for yourself as an adult? It’s time to question those values and put the ones you’ve carried around for a long time to the test. Should they stay? Are there new ones you need to establish? Values are what is important to you, what makes you happy, and what your non-negotiables are.

Get clarity on your “why.” The why that exists at the bottom of each person’s motives is the engine that drives everything. The problem is many people are blind to what this even is. This is so important that Randi makes it a priority with each client, by drilling down beneath the surface of what someone wants, and accessing the crucial why. It’s not enough to say you want to make $1M this year. Why do you want that amount? To buy a house in the suburbs? What will that do for you? If you want to create memories for your children like the ones you had growing up, that’s a great answer. Now you’re clear on your why. Drilling down to your core values is crucial to establishing your vision, because it isn’t the million dollars you really want; it’s what it does for you. You can’t move forward until that’s clear.

Leveraging your own legacy. Imagine it’s 2030, you look back 10 years at the pandemic of 2020 and your situation. What is it about your life that you want to say you did? And what are three ways you can start doing that right now, from your home? Randi calls this “leveraging your own legacy.” By moving forward and backward in time, a person becomes more aware of how fleeting it is, and how crucial each 24 hours becomes.

The Power of Choice

The power to choose is the ace card in our back pocket that most people rarely use. We lose touch with our own freedom, or we are afraid of its power, and we fall into daily habits that erase the hours in each day and leave us shackled to unfulfilling lives. “Each day is a blank canvas,” Randi says, “on which you can paint any color you want. If you don’t choose, fear chooses for you. The more you engage with what it is you really want, the harder it is to be fearful. Either lead yourself, or follow fear.” Plant your seeds, she says, using the power of today, and be patient while they grow.

About Randi

For years, Randi Levin was stuck in a rut of her own, playing out a multitude of possibilities for the rest of her life, but without choosing one and taking any action. When she accessed her own power to choose, the concept of creating a legacy was born. Today she coaches entrepreneurs and women in transition, helping them move towards self-empowerment, clarity on their goals, and personal success. Check out Randi’s “recalibration network” program, a free-of-charge “virtual home,” where people can meet, connect, and exchange ideas within a topic-driven theme such as joy, simplicity, fear, or boundaries on her Facebook page. You can also check out her website at and a free article called “5 Tips for Recalibrating a New Normal During & After COVID-19” here. She can be reached by email at

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