5 Tips To Pitch Your Business at Live Events

So you've got your first (or 10th) opportunity to pitch your business at a live event. Congrats.

At these kinds of events you're pitching your business to the attendees, often other business owners.

Most of the time you're also pitching your business to a panel of media, infleuncers or others.

Here's how to ROCK that pitch and ensure it goes well.

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Be clear and concise

Too many times someone has stood up, to give their pitch and by the time they sat down people were MASSIVELY confused! It's so important that when you pitch use clear language and get to the point. If you feel that what you're pitching will be hard to understand, give an example. Apples are sweet and delicious. Our new health bar tastes like an apple and looks like a golf ball. People now understand.

Work the room before you pitch

Before I give a keynote presentation I'm often working the room and greeting a few people. This does a few things. It lets me get a sense for who is in the room. It make people feel good about me. It calms me down. Working the room before you pitch gives you a few people who are now more friendly towards you and your fans!

Know why you want to pitch (to get a follow up conversation!)

You are NOT pitching to tell everything about your business. The purpose of your pitch is to TEASE the audience enough to want to have a longer conversation with you!

Be engaging with humor or emotional heart pull

You MUST connect with the audience and get their attention. You can do this with genuine and authentic humor OR do this by connect with them on a more serious level. One lady started the pitch for her business by saying, "I was raped". This got our attention.

Make people smarter

When you finish your pitch, people should feel smarter. Try to leave people some information so they feel that the 30 seconds or 5 minutes you were speaking to them was well worth their time.




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