Networking is an essential part of business and life. By networking, you’re able to serve others and connect with people who can help advance what your needs are. At times we network the WRONG way but hopefully, these tips below and this video will help you UNLOCK better networking results.


  1. Know what you want – sometimes we go into networking really not crystal clear on what we want. The more clear we are on what we want the more clear we are on our goals.
  2. Know what you don’t want – it’s also important to know what you DO NOT want. When what you don’t want comes your way you can move on to what you DO want.
  3. Be patient – networking is not something you should rush. Take your time, don’t be desperate.
  4. It’s ok to get a no, don’t take it personally – getting a NO is a part of successful networking, every no you get, gets you closer to a yes and NO often means, “I’m not ready right now”. So FOLLOW UP!
  5. Add value – what’s in it for them – remember, good networking is not just about you – it’s about THEM 
  6. Focus on the longer-term – networking is done best for the long term, not just for a 2-hour chamber of commerce meeting
  7. Have 2 or 3 options – maybe you don’t get exactly what you want, but maybe there’s a second-best option
  8. Be nice and personable. Be human and likable. Sometimes it’s just a warm smile that can help boost our networking success
  9. Say thank you – be grateful. 
  10. Is it the person or the transaction – Sometimes in networking it’s not that we must connect with a certain person, it’s just the results. So do you NEED to connect with Oprah or is it fine to connect with the editor of O Magazine, IF the goal is to be IN the magazine?
  11. Follow up – Follow up. Remember YOU are not their priority even though THEY are YOUR priority
  12. Be honest about what you want – When reaching out to someone just be really upfront about what you want
  13. Take your time, don’t  rush to serve yourself – Serve others first and take your time to get the results YOU want
  14. Use tech to remind you and to segment your contacts – Everyone is not equal – in regard to networking. Segment your contacts

Watch the video for more tips and insights on how to network on social platforms and online overall



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