3 Motivation Killers Every Entrepreneur Needs to Avoid

3 Motivation Killers Every Entrepreneur Needs to Avoid

One of the big challenges you face as an entrepreneur is self-motivation. I’ve been journaling on self-motivation for many years now, because I struggle with it myself. Aside from taking care of my clients and doing the things that I absolutely love to do, there’s a lot of less exciting tasks that have to get done. This can put a large weight on our shoulders, a feeling of burden, and lead to us quickly losing motivation. Through my years of experience, and coaching entrepreneurs, I've discovered three key motivation killers that every entrepreneur should avoid.

When you own your own business, you don’t have anyone telling you what you need to do. For the most part, you are left to your own devices to get things done. When I worked in corporate America, every single thing that I did was in direct relation to someone else. There was always something or someone else that connected to what I was working on. I was merely one cog in the wheel.

But once you become an entrepreneur - the whole kitten-caboodle, the whole wheel, the big kahuna -  it all falls on you. There’s no one to hold you accountable if I show up late to work. Heck, there is no such thing as “late to work.” Of course, this is one of the big reasons most of us become entrepreneurs, to have this type of freedom. But with the freedom comes some challenges.

Here are three big mistakes that we business owners make that just slash our motivation:

Not Having Enough Fun

You do remember what fun in business is, don't you? I'm pretty sure, like most entrepreneurs, when you set out on your journey you probably mumbled... "This is going to be fun!" But often through the course of building and running a business, we forget that FUN is a major component of WHY we set on the path.

If you've lost it, you need to inject fun back into your business. This means consciously pulling in enjoyable activities on a consistent basis; making sure that you get the right mix of mundane and exciting. Not sure how to do that? Check out my free 14-day 'Put Fun Back In Your Business' Challenge that starts on April 27th.

Letting Your Ego Call the Plays

Worrying about the competition, getting stuck in comparison mode, unwillingness to take risks, and refusal to be open to learning are generally driven by ego. And they are complete buzz killers! As Elsa would say, "Let it go!" (<< Tip #1: injecting a little FUN)

When you start to let go a little, you are opening yourself up to new ideas and new ways of thinking, which can be very motivating.

Not Following Your Own Path

Are you spending too much time copying someone else’s formula? Are you worrying too much about what other people think you should be doing? There is nothing more demotivating than trudging along someone else's path versus skipping down your own!

Listen to your gut. Follow your own path. You'll quickly see your motivation spark just because you'll want to continually see how far down that path you can go!

Let the motivation begin!


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