Beyond the Lemonade Stand: 7 Kid Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets of Success

JRAMosJohn Ramos, CEO
The Student Power

20-year-old John Ramos is a full-time medical student at the University of Coimbra in Portugal who is quickly learning that balance is an essential skill for all entrepreneurs. Having recently built and launched his company, The Student Power – a website developed to help ambitious students in their endeavors by providing valuable content, Ramos is realizing that managing time is one of the biggest challenges he’ll face as a young entrepreneur in pursuit of his dream.

“On one hand I have classes, studying and tests,” says John regarding his current responsibilities. “On the other I have blog posts, podcasts, episodes, answers on Quora, videos to make and eBooks to write.”web image

But that isn’t stopping John from following his passion to help other young students learn how to improve their own skills and become the best that they can be in order to reach their goals and change their life for the better. He’s providing content on productivity, study habits and techniques and skills that kids today don’t learn in school. Some of the content is developed off of his own experience and some off of research that he and his team do. Still in the embryonic stage, their next major project is the Student Power podcast, which is due to release soon to site subscribers. After that his long term focus is turning the company into a full-fledged student media company, selling eBooks, videos, and courses and perhaps even consulting. But in the short term John is laser focused on expanding his reach and building his audience.

John’s advice to other kid entrepreneurs:

“It’s important to trust yourself and your abilities, manage your time flawlessly and have a strong sense of purpose. However, above all those traits, I think that ambition is the name of the game. Having a burning desire of going further, creating and conquering will catapult you to success.”


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