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COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time that is causing financial disruption for many individual and businesses. But, that makes it the perfect time to focus on your side business, or better yet — a side gig. If you could take a pause to let the chaos and chatter around you begin to settle, you’ll see that anything is possible. 

Creating full-time Income with a side business is possible, but unfortunately, most people don’t have all the information, resources, and experts to help do it the right way. Business is changing and a new norm for business success is being established. Although many people with side gigs or side hustles are not seeing the success they want, it doesn’t mean success is not possible. Many DUALpreneurs (employees + entrepreneurs) struggle with not having enough time because of full-time or part-time jobs, families, children, etc., and struggle with not knowing where to begin or what strategies will be successful. This is why the #SIDEGIGCON Virtual Conference is here for side hustlers, freelancers, network marketers, and everyone in the side gig community. There are unique opportunities and resources out there and now is the time to get what you need to be successful.

#SIDEGIGCON Virtual Conference is happening on July 17-18, 2020 and I’ll be speaking all about this topic. This event will have an in-person feel with main stage international speakers, breakout sessions with industry expert panelists and facilitators, networking, and exhibitor area — and it’s all accessed from the comfort of your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

During these two days, international speakers, industry expert panelists and session facilitators, as well as experienced speed networking and exhibitors will be available virtually. Everyone participating is dedicated to helping you succeed as a DUALpreneur and entrepreneur.  Many have started out with and still have side businesses and figured out how to make full-time income. 

This conference will teach you:

  • Marketing vs. Branding
  • How to Get More Press for Your Side Gig
  • How to Start a Podcast
  • Pricing Strategies for Products & Services
  • How to Protect Your Business Assets
  • How to Keep More of Your Business Cash
  • Real Estate as a Side Hustle
  • Student Loan Strategies that will Save Your Business

The transformational speakers & expert panelists will share their knowledge, useful practices, and resources to help you make more money from your side business. Learn more and sign up here.

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