Intuit Celebrates Small Business at SXSW in Austin - March 13

SXSW is an annual journey for thousands. Nestled in the film, music and interactive excitement, Intuit is bringing together an eclectic mix of music, food and flowers to celebrate the passion and innovation of small business and entrepreneurship.

Coming to SXSW 2018, Intuit highlights the success of the self employed and small business owners by hosting 3 bands, food truck businesses and local makers of deserts and a barber shop.

You can find out more and join Intuit here -

The 3 bands Intuit is featuring on Tuesday, March 13th, include:

Freedom Fry, A Los-Angeles based band that skirts the lines between Pop, Folk, and Alt-Rock;  HINDS, an all-girl indie rock band from Madrid, Spain known for their garage-pop sounds and happy lyrics and Michael Rault, Toronto based multi-instrumentalist that has a retro, hooky blend of pop-rock refracts an evolution of guitar-based music through the ages.

Food is something everyone loves, especially busy entrepreneurs. Stop by Intuit’s celebration for a taste of food from a variety of food trucks include East Side King, Burro Cheese Kitchen, Taco Sweets and Austin Beerworks.

Rounding out the excitement are 2 small business owners Hayley Cakes & Cookies and Shed Barber & Supply

A few weeks ago Intuit launched a mini-movie, A Giant Story, showcasing the challenges that small businesses faced on a daily basis. Challenges in running their businesses and the fierce competition from large corporations. You can see Intuit’s campaign here. The hero of the movie is an inventor who creates a friendly giant robot to help the owner of a flower shop manage their finances and overall run their business.

Ironically, Intuit’s SXSW celebration takes place at The Enchanted Florist in Austin!

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