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Success Is Not Accidental. Intentionality Insights from Dave Ramsey and Entre Leadership

Success does not come by accident, it often comes with careful planning, strategy and purpose. Radio show host and founder of Ramsey Solutions, Dave Ramsey, spoke about this powerful concept at the Entre Leadership Summit. A must attend event for all business owners.

Watch his entire presentation here and our summary of it below.

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Everything is changing. Nature changes. Flowers grow. morph and die. Economy goes up and down.  Nothing stays the same.You have to ask yourself…who am I? Am I the person who will try to prevent change, ignore change, or run with the change. 

[Tweet “To be able to succeed with change, you must fix your mindset.”]

Dave Ramsey said “You become what you think about and your life is the concept.” For example,if you are running a race, your mind is fixated on winning. You’re not thinking “oh if I win, I win.” You are intentionally pursuing that goal which is to be first at the end of the race. Winning is an intentional act. It’s rarely a mistake.

Louis Zamperini was an athlete in the Olympics who ran track and field.During one of the races, he beat the world record. Other competitors in the Olympics assumed that his time was an impossible feat to beat. A few years later, that same man broke his own world record. The other participants now saw that it could be accomplished. Soon enough, competitions were held and men beat the previous world record that was said to be impossible to break. 

The mind is a VERY powerful tool. If we get in our minds that we cannot do it, then we cannot. If we put in our mind positive thoughts that we can do it, then we surely can. We sow what we reap. If we sow negative thoughts about our many failures, then we will only reap failure. Putting positive and helpful things in our mind pushes out all the negative filth that we have there.

When you’re around negative people constantly, who do you think you’ll become?

People who hate to work hate to be around people who love to work. We have to be intentional about who and what we put in our lives. When things are mediocre, it’s a choice. No, we’re not saying “I want my life to be mediocre”, but in life we make multiple choices that affect the outcome of the future. 

Once we have a vision, we receive a mission and a mission statement.

That statement will tell us what our goal is. If our goals are not fed by dreams, they will have no power. People that have dreams but no goals are just dreamers. Dreamers are unrealistic and they rely on people to get them places in life. There are a few types of goal that you should have – family, physical, financial, spiritual, career, social, and intellectual. Focus on the goals equally. Focusing just on your weaknesses may affect your strengths. Because they are all connected, it’s important that you spend time on both.

In order for a goal to be successful, it must have 4 things.

Goals must be measurable ( you must be specific)

For example, if I want to lose weight, I should set a mark to the exact amount of weight that I want to lose. I shouldn’t just work out until I get to any weight. I need to know HOW MUCH.

Goals must have a time limit

If you want to lose 30 pounds, HOW QUICKLY do you want to lose it? Not having a time limit can lead to procrastination and in the end, you may end up gaining more weight than losing it.

The goals must be YOURS

You have to WANT to do your goal. Don’t live someone else’s dream. Be the best you can be and want to be. When you live someone else’s dream, all your doing is meeting a quota.

Goals should be in WRITING

Write down your goals and take responsibility for them. Make sure they happen! As soon as you have an idea, write it down and run with it. One major problem that can overwhelm us is doubt. As soon as we feel confident, fear and doubt creeps in. “Can I do it? I’ll fail if I try.” Michael Jordan said “I missed 100% of the shots that I never took.” 

All people die, but not all people live. As Dave Ramsey said “Success is not final and failure is not fatal”.You will not die, if you fail. Never quit. Fail forward. Keep taking two steps forward.

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