Ignition Video Series: Joe Courtney on How to Balance Work and Your Personal Life

Ignition Video Series: Joe Courtney on How to Balance Work and Your Personal Life

Most entrepreneurs can understand what it's like to try to balance the scale between work and their personal life.  That's why on this weeks episode of Ignition, former NBA player, and author of "Life Above and Beyond the Rim", Joe Courtney will be appearing as a guest in the success lab to share his own personal experiences on how to grow your business while still keeping your personal life in check.

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Question of the Week: I’ve been in business as a marketing consultant for four years and the business is doing really well, but I wanted to continue to grow and become something great that can continue to provide for my family and my employees. I’m working everyday. I even worked through our last two vacations. I used to love working on my business, but now it feels like something I have to do and honestly, I’m just not as happy as I used to be. I’m tired. I’m fighting with my spouse more and my business seems more like a burden than the passion project it once was. How do I get my groove back while still growing my business?

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While it's a situation we would like to avoid completely, unfortunately it's inevitable that there will be a number of challenges to face along the entrepreneurial journey.  So, instead of finding ways to avoid it, Joe talks about some ways to manage it.  Here are a few key points that he shares with the audience:


You don't have to go through this burden alone.  It's a lot of stress to take on for one person, but by communicating with your family and including them on what you're going through, and what your desired outcome is, it can lift a great deal of weight off your shoulders.

Desired outcome

Instead of setting goals for yourself and your business and putting a timeline on what you want to accomplish, set desired outcomes. This way you can use your talent, skills and real ability to scale your company and follow a more efficient and achievable business plan.

Don't bring your business home

It's important to dedicate a certain period of time to spend alone with your family.  This way your family members have a time with you that is consistent and that they can always count on.

Check out the video to hear more key points on how to grow your business while balancing your personal.

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