HustleCon: The Conference That Says 'Forget the Tech, It's All About the Hustle'

HustleCon: Forget the Tech, It's All About the Hustle

For some reason, and maybe we need to blame this on Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the media, there is a perception that successful entrepreneurs are tech geek geniuses that sit in a back room and code until the money starts rolling in. It is, after all, an age of technology - with technology driven startups like Uber, Zenefits and Snapchat, leading the scene of success and taking over the spotlight. But true entrepreneurs are anything but tech geeks. Sure, maybe some know how to code and are technology inclined, but that's not the secret to their success. All successful entrepreneurs, whether we're talking about Steve Jobs or Bob - the small business entrepreneur that owns the local hardware store -, possess one unwavering trait: Hustle.  And we are happy to say that we've found an event that focuses specifically on startup tactics for non-techies: HustleCon.

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“You don’t have to know how to code to be an entrepreneur… you just have to know how to hustle!”

HustleCon is a one-of-a-kind conference dedicated to educating non-techie entrepreneurs on one thing and one thing only - how to HUSTLE. They've assembled a list of the hottest non-technical founders to teach how they got started and give practical advice on growing a startup.

At the all day event, which takes place in San Francisco on April 24th,  you'll hear from successful business founders who know what it takes to put their own blood, sweat and tears into a business to make it a success. They'll share their experiences to educate and advise attendees on unique business tactics and strategies to help grow their startups. Sound familiar? I promise it's not. The difference between this event, and most others is that after you leave you won't be going home with a notebook full of codes and technical terms that might as well be written in Chinese.  Instead, you'll gain valuable, applicable information that you can easily understand and implement in your own business.

Some of the names on this years speaker list include Tim Westergren - Founder of Pandora, Jessica Scorpio - Founder of Getaround, Tim Chen -Founder of NerdWallet, and Arum Kang - Founder of Coffee Meets Bagel. You can see the full list of speakers on the HustleCon website.

HustleCon 2015 speakers


Still don't believe that this event is totally badass? That's fine. We'll let the event speak for itself.  In it's first year the event sold 160 tickets.  In it's second year it more than doubled the tickets sold by selling almost 400 tickets! Since, the demand has continued to increase and the event has doubled the size of it's venue as well as tripled its revenue. If that's not hustle I don't know what is!

All we know is that this is the kind of event that we, at Smart Hustle, can't wait to attend to learn, network and have a kickass time with some amazing Hustler's!

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