How Cyber Secure Is Your Small Business?

How Cyber Secure Is Your Small Business?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer is “not very.”

78 percent of small business owners say it is very important to protect their data and computer systems


25 percent say they have a little to no understanding of cyber security.


What security risks are small business owners most worried about?

  • 63%: Undetected Malware
  • 41%: Human Error
  • 38%: Phishing Attacks


45 percent of small business owners don’t train employees on how to stay safe on the Internet.


Who's handling cyber security at your company?

  • 39%: I do
  • 33%: A member of my staff does
  • 21%: An outside company does
  • 6%: Nobody does

Small business owners are more likely than they think to be victimized by cyber attacks.

Small businesses were targeted in 30 percent of all cyber attacks in 2013—up from 18 percent in 2011.

44 percent of small business owners say their companies have been victimized by a cyber attack.

When small businesses are hit, it affects them disproportionately. Cyber attacks cost a small business an average of $1,564 per employee, vs. $371 for large companies.


The rise of mobile means a rise in cyber crime.

  • 60% of businesses have had a lost or stolen smartphone in the past 12 months.
  • 43% have had a lost or stolen tablet.

38 percent of mobile users have been victims of mobile cyber crime.


  • 52% of mobile users store sensitive files online
  • 24% store work and personal information in the same cloud storage accounts
  • 21% share logins and passwords with families, putting both personal and company data at risk.

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