Eight Habits of Great Communicators

Great communicators spend very little time stuck because they practice a number of habits that provide them with the momentum they need to produce the work they love and express gratitude for the life they have.

After years of working with great communicators, I can tell you that these are eight of the things that are inherent in their being. Here is what YOU can do to go from being a good communicator to a great communicator:

1. Smile at “Hello”

A smile is an invitation for others to enter your space. Enter smiling, and you will increase the number of happy people you have in your life. A smile breeds happiness, and happiness breeds production.

2. Be your Best Advisor

Confidence is key. Become adept at listening to your instinct, and then trust it. The better one becomes at trusting their instinct, the more powerful they become at attracting what they need to take them to the next level.

3. Know What You Know and What You Do Not

Be a student of the topics you are curious about, and let others do the same. Seek out and elevate those who know what you do not. An outcome of this practice is humility and lifelong, genuine curiosity.

4. Listen with Your Ears, Eyes, and Heart

Being open requires a steady devotion to mindfulness, and mindfulness does not involve your mouth. Great communicators spend time in stillness meditating and/or praying at least once daily. This increases their ability to listen and to always be open to the new things they are here to see and experience.

5. Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

If something needs to be said, addressed or removed, DO IT! When we pretend something is not wrong, what IS wrong will become more difficult to handle later on. Take a risk and say what needs to be said, even if it might make people feel uncomfortable. It is in discomfort that we experience the most profound leaps forward.

6. Develop Critique Savvy

The more successful you become, the more you will hear what you can be doing differently. MANY people will have something to say about what can be improved upon with your product or message. Being critique savvy means you are willing to listen to feedback without judgment. Ultimately, you’re in tune with what needs to improve and who you can partner with to do so.

7. Be Moved

You have more to learn than you have wisdom to impart. No matter how successful you become, remain sensitive and responsive to new people and ideas that enter your path. Make the time to read fully a little more than you scan, and be moved.

8. Get Out of Your Head and Regularly Leap

We think and think and think and think ourselves to nothing. Great communicators spend the time they need to plan and more of their time jumping in and seeing what sticks. We are cautious and embrace fear because something could go wrong, someone could think this idea is silly and worse, someone could say NO when we were looking for a YES. Thank the thoughts for coming, remember what you know, and LEAP!

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