Europeans vs. Americans: Who's More Productive and Why?

Europeans vs. Americans: Who's More Productive and Why?

Last fall I had the opportunity to spend six weeks backpacking through six different countries in Europe. It was a truly amazing experience, and it was interesting to see the differences in work and lifestyles. Breakfast often consisted of as many espressos as you could handle and delicious pastries that you could only dream of. And public transportation, walking or bicycles, were often the preferred way to travel. But, what really stood out to me was how many businesses would shut down for lunch in the middle of the day and how many people would leave work for an hour or two in the afternoon. That is certainly not something you see in the U.S - I mean, can you imagine shutting down your business for two hours every day to relax and take a break from work? I don't think so. It's just not in our DNA. It's not how we're programmed. But does that make us more productive than our European counterparts?

According to Pipedrive, the answer is 'no'.  As a maker of simple and intuitive software for businesses, Pipedrive conducted a study to compare productivity levels between American and French small business owners and West Coast small business owners versus East Coast.  In their study, they compared how taking a break for lunch can effect levels of productivity.

Check out the infographic to see what they found:


The results hold true to the saying "work smarter, not harder."  The countries that took a break for lunch proved to be more productive than countries that skipped lunch.  In fact, some countries proved to be the most productive in the afternoon after taking their lunch break. Whereas "lunch skippers" such as Americans, especially on the East Coast saw a steady decline in productivity in the afternoon.

Moral of the story: Even hustlers need to take a break sometimes so dedicate an hour out of your day to drop all of your work and enjoy lunch while you regain your energy!

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