Creating the Perfect Home Office for Entrepreneurs

Creating the Perfect Home Office for Entrepreneurs

On paper, working from your home office seems like a dream come true: You get avoid a round-trip of commutes, can work in your pajamas, you don't have to wake up quite as early, and you can even get a tax write-off on your rent. However, working from home can also be a momentous time-waster, especially for those who lack discipline and focus. For the entrepreneurs and business owners among us, a home office might be the only office you have, so it's important to know the recipe for the perfect home office that lets you be productive and efficient while helping to keep you on task while you need to be. Here's how you can create that perfect home office space so you can let your entrepreneurial pursuits flourish.

 A Separate Peace

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It can be tempting to throw a corner office setup into an existing room or to utilize unused space, but you'll be most successful when being in your home office means completely removing yourself from all the other happenings of your home. Convert that second guest room into your office, or if your child has gone to college you could turn their bedroom into your new office space — just be sure leave a pull-out sofa or futon for return visits. Blocking out external stimuli will help you to stay focused while you pursue your important business ventures.

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