10 Business Growth Tips from the Glambitious Power Circle

Created as an innovative network for female entrepreneurs to connect, empower, and educate one another, the GlambitiousIAM.com hub has grown to include a plethora of unique business resources and professional development webinars.  In addition, the social media presence has evolved exponentially to have nearly 30,000 followers, and the membership platform has grown to include female visionaries from around the country.  With a diverse set of professional experiences, six of these visionaries have shared some key business tips that have helped propel them professionally:

1. Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway

As an Entrepreneur, it is imperative to grow comfortable with taking calculated risks. Often times the greatest reward and business

growth will come from that which you are fearful of pursuing.  Don’t feel intimidated by your great ideas, become excited at the possibilities of success. - Lillie Mae, LillieMaePR.com

2. Join a Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

It would behoove you to create or join a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs. Having support will empower you as a business owner to stay focused, motivated, and in motion. - Dr. Tequilla Hill,  drtequillahill.com

3. Be Consistent

Finish everything that you start and maintain your commitments. - Arlean Timmons, arleantimmons.com

4. Achieve Work/Life Balance

In order to maintain your focus and longevity in business, it is important that you achieve work/life balance.  Involve yourself with activities that will rejuvenate you. This can simply mean taking time away from business to rest or doing something fun. - Ashley Lounds Brooks, www.groomedforexcellency.com

5. Create a Referral Program

Create a referral program as an incentive for existing clients or previous clients to refer your services to their colleagues. - Lillie Mae, LillieMaePR.com 

6. Find an Accountability Partner

Choose an accountability person to help you stay on track for your short and long term business goals. - Dr. Tequilla Hill,  drtequillahill.com

7. Review Your Business Aesthetics

Connect with a brand manager or publicist to do a thorough review of your business aesthetics.  It is important to make sure your website, logo, and social media pages are up to standard with your industry peers. - Lillie Mae, LillieMaePR.com

8. Think Outside of the Box

In business, you should always think outside of the box. Being innovative and creative is the greatest strategy for success. Lead, never follow. - LeShanda Davis, www.thehrer.com & www.skinescentuals.net

9. Invest in Yourself

Every industry is constantly evolving, and it is imperative to invest in the skills and knowledge necessary to stay ahead of the curb.  Set aside a monthly budget that can be committed to the resources needed to enhance your business acumen. - Lillie Mae, LillieMaePR.com

10. Trust Your Business's Process

Trust the process when it comes to your business. Don't compare the growth and stamina of your business to others. Be present and appreciate where you are and enjoy the experience of building and growing. - Dr. Candice P. Cooper, ANewCreationPsychotherapy.com 

BONUS TIP: Ask for testimonials from satisfied customers or clients, and share this on your website and social media pages.  By doing this, you build added credibility and allow potential clients to develop a sense of trust for your business.

For more business tips from the Glambitious Network, follow @GlambitiousIAM on all social media platforms or visit www.GlambitiousIAM.com

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