Build Your Team: 6 Small Business Hiring Tips

As a small business, hiring employees can be a blessing and a curse. On one side, you aren’t as hampered by policies and procedures as larger corporations are. On the other hand, there is so much interdependence in a small business that a lot could be riding on a new hire to take the weight off your team. Here are 6 tips for small business hiring that will help you excel at hiring new employees.

6 Tips for Small Business Hiring

1. Know What You Want

Before you go on the job hunt, ask yourself what exactly you're seeking from a new hire. Having only a vague idea can be dangerous, with unrealistic or undefined expectations that could set a new hire up for failure. Instead, make sure your job description includes a specific list of day-to-day duties and desired skills for the position.

2. Be Clear with Candidates

In addition to knowing what you want, it's important to communicate the expectations of the position clearly with the new hire. Transparency can go a long way in smoothing out the process. In addition to being clear about expectations, be upfront about what you're hoping to accomplish from the new hire and how he or she fits into your long-term plan.

3. Make Company Culture Important

Just because somebody has the right skills doesn't mean he or she should be working for your company. Ensure that your new hire will be able to fit in with other employees. Once the hiring process is complete, continue to nurture the onboarding process to ensure the employee knows and embraces your company's culture.

4. Always Be Hiring

Smart small business owners are always on the lookout for their next hire. Always be looking out for the future, attending events where you could meet potential candidates. In addition, get your team excited about the recruiting process and involve them in your search.

5. Be Creative

While running a small business has its challenges, having the flexibility to be creative in your hiring is a definite strength. Consider temping and independent contractors as possible alternatives if a full-time, traditional hire doesn't quite work. Offer perks such as wellness programs, flex time and remote working to be competitive with other employers.

6. Do Your Research

When it comes to something as crucial as small business hiring, arming yourself with information is key. Here are some resources from the Small Business Administration to get you started on the search for new hires.

  • Writing Effective Job Descriptions - A good job description is clear, concise and effective. Learn what to include and what to avoid in this simple guide that walks you through writing a help wanted ad.
  • Hire a Contractor or Employee? - Find out the difference between a contractor and employer and why it matters. Learn what the law and tax requirements say about the differences.
  • Optional Employee Benefits - Check out common incentive programs, along with legal and tax implications. Find out what others are doing and whether there are options for your small business.

Like any group that depends on teamwork, your small business is only as strong as your weakest link. Follow these small business hiring tips and you’ll find employees that will aid in your success.

Cash Cary is the owner of FirstOption Staffing, which connects job applicants to companies seeking new hires. With the motto of “helping people build better lives”, FirstOption advocates selecting the right job candidate for a productive, happier and lower-stress environment.

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