Breaking Free of Mental Prisons in Life & Business

Allison Garret has been working with women who experience life setbacks to help them break out of whatever is holding them back. She understands their struggles deeply, as she was once in a mental & physical prison herself, but found ways to clear her blockages and thrive. Her story is inspiring and inspirational, to say the least.

Allison spent some time in prison and when she came up on her release she understood the challenges she might face trying to find work. So she asked herself, “What can I do with what I already have?” Her goal was to find an immediate way to make money. Prior to her time in prison, she had gone to school for aesthetics and knew that she was good at providing nail services such as manicures. Her goal was to make herself standout and be unique by offering nail services to people in their homes. 

Her business, Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa, is a mobile spa which now operates in 11 cities across the country. She obviously can’t be in that many places at once, so has hired a team of professionals to offer these services in their local areas. While her spa started out as a passion and continues to grow, she realized that she could help other women who are in the similar position that she was once in. So Allison became a life coach, and helps women who are transitioning in life to find their purpose and break free of mental prisons. 

Lessons Along the Way

Allison gave us a transparent look into some of the lessons she’s learned over the years.

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself when it comes to growth and scaling: We’ve heard this before from other successful entrepreneurs as well, so it’s no shock we are hearing it again. Scaling your business takes time and usually means some mistakes will be made along the way. Allison urges us not to be too hard on ourselves during these times.
  • Rely on and trust the people you hire to help you grow: We can’t do it all, though we wish we could. You need to be able to give your employees the tool to do their jobs, but then trust they will do it. Allison has team members in several cities, so she can’t oversee everything, but has to trust that things are being done properly.
  • Create protocols ahead of time: Allison now has plans and processes in place for hiring, training, and gathering feedback. This makes daily business much easier since she can hand-off work to another person if needed.

Coaching Women

Allison knows first-hand that many people have something that's holding them back, and that many people are living in a mental prison because of trauma or bad experiences from earlier in life. These situations can hinder you from being successful and create a sort of mental prison. 

Her program teaches basics about how to connect to your internal qualities vs external. So much of the time we focus on our external, or what’s on the outside, but it’s really what’s inside, or internal, that defines who we are. Allison commented, “Most women don’t know what they want and have a hard time describing what they want in enough detail to make it happen.” Allison’s programs help women come into themselves and find their true passions. 

About Allison: America's Prison Break Coach

Allison Garret’s own rise from being labeled a habitual offender to prominence deems her an expert on personal and professional success. As an award-winning national speaker, TedX Speaker, author, Certified Life Coach, and entrepreneur, Allison impacts audiences around the country with her bold and audacious approach to creating and living life.

Allison had previously lived a life plagued with abuse, addiction, and crime. With a criminal history, low self-esteem, and no one to guide her, she went to prison and developed her own method of recovery by redefining success. Through persistence and determination, she refused to allow her ex-offender status to define her. While having many natural barriers, she recognized that her greatest barrier was her own thinking and behavior that posed a continued risk.

Allison is the CEO of Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa and creator of ‘The Prison Break Success System’, which shows women how to get out of 'prison', which came from her very own personal prison break. Allison now works with professional women who struggle with life's setbacks and helps them break free from their mental prison, so they can experience true freedom in their lives and business, spiritually, relationally, professionally, and emotionally.

Her motto is  "If at first you don't succeed...redefine success".

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