Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, and New Pinterest Features Help Merchants

  Coronavirus has led to many changes in our lives. The quarantine that has forced people to stay inside has also led to an enormous jump in e-commerce sales — a trend that will likely continue.  Many companies are rushing to capitalize on the influx of online shoppers, including some popular social media platforms. Recently, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have announced new features that will help new and existing online sellers make more sales. In order to understand the importance of the new features, it’s helpful to review what has been available up until now. Facebook: Marketplace, Shop Tab, and […]


Virtual Receptionist Service Connects Voice Calls to Text Messaging with Numa

Know those times when the phone rings and you just can’t get to it? That happens a lot with retail owners like barber shops, salons, auto mechanics, bakeries and many others. Numa a virtual receptionist text messaging service is pretty cool, looks like a new service, that helps answer common questions for your customers via text. A customer calls your phone, and you can’t answer it. Numa “jumps in” and gives customers the option to get help via text. If they say “yes”, Numa uses machine learning to answer some common questions, like your open hours, location and etc. As […]

Adobe’s Gary Specter Talks E-commerce and How to Make Shifts to Support New Shoppers

The way businesses and consumers shop has dramatically changed since the COVID-19 crisis set in during mid-March. While buying essential items is still possible in-store, many people are shopping online, in an effort to maintain self-isolation and social distancing. This means that people who don’t normally purchase items online are counting on e-commerce businesses to supply them with daily necessities.  Gary Specter is the Vice President of Global Commercial Business at Adobe. His work in digital experience mean’s he’s the perfect person to speak to about how businesses can support the higher demand of shoppers visiting their sites.  E-commerce Advice […]

hockey puck

As Big Business Pivots, An Opportunity For Small Business

Big companies are quickly pivoting to the NEW WAY we are working. Of course this new way is quickly getting “old”. For example, the Wall Street Journal reported how CIOs are looking into how to make remote work better for their employees. Emotional health, physical well being, security and beyond. So for US smaller companies who might be experts in emotional health, home office decorations and etc, we have the OPPORTUNITY to adapt and sell in new ways. We must go to where the hockey puck is going and NOT just follow it around, as the famous saying goes. If […]

business owner

Recovery Has Begun With or Without You.

Yesterday I was speaking to a SCORE counselor about what they’re seeing in the market place. They’re seeing that we are entering a mode of recovery. Indeed, many small businesses are still trying to figure out how they’ll just survive day to day, but many more, those who are not out of business are ready to open up. While just a few weeks ago there was a heightened sense of panic to get PPP loans and other government financing but now business emotions are moving to recovery and opening up. Check out this UPS survey and insights from Alignable. Here’s […]

Now Is the Time To Digitize Your Business

May of us are have a website and we post on Facebook every now and then. However, not enough of us have GREAT looking websites, consistent email marketing, customer databases (CRM) and marketing automation. See SmartHustle.com/tools . Much LESS of us are ready to – digitize you business and make things faster and better for our customers and employees. We must go BEYOND these basics. Large companies, as reported by the Wall Street Journal are digitizing their enterprises, faster and with urgency. We small business owners must do the same. Consider, how are you serving your customers. Go through each […]

Go Bigger. ' Think Differently.

Think Bigger and Think Different

A few days ago, I kept thinking that in a few months, maybe sometime next year, things would go back to some way that they were before. But I realize I’m wrong…and think that we small business owners must think differently. I beg you to read, share and comment on my LinkedIn article with tips on how very small companies can work with larger companies. Things will NEVER be the same. The economy, our way of work, social distancing, awareness of disease, travel industry, 9 – 5 jobs, education ad more. Most of us small business owners rely on word of […]

Bryan Ruef - 10-8 Systems

Bryan Ruef Talks about Creating a Business To Improve Public Safety

Ruef Bryan Ruef is the founder of the technology software company 10-8 Systems, designed to improve the quality of dispatch units for public safety professionals of all types, from police forces to fire departments to search and rescue task forces. Bryan has always been passionate about public safety. At age 14 he volunteered at the local sheriff department on weekends. He later became an EMT, and then an ambulance dispatcher. One common thread he noticed from his experiences in all of three of these areas is that the software that was being used, such as the out-of-date, half-functional CAD/RMS, just […]

non profit

Non-Profits Should Take Advantage of Free Help From Tech Companies

Non-profits always get discounted or free help. However, in these VERY challenging times, non-profits might snag some extra special deals from companies, especially if they’re mission is related to helping during the Covid19 shelter in place circumstances. There’s a lot of companies helping non-profits, one is Zoho who is focused on not only giving their tools and services for free or at a discount but also HELPING to build solutions for these deserving organizations. One big need of companies is to track and record the staff or supplies coming or going from their organization, record keeping is essential. I’m surprised […]

Visa Grant

Funding Beyond PPP - Visa Grant Helps Female Founders

There’s so much media coverage on PPP and other government funding, however, remember there’s many grants (not loans) available to smaller businesses as well such as a Visa grant. Visa and iFundWomen recently awarded $10,000, each, to four women. To help small business owners – particularly female entrepreneurs who already face funding challenges – Visa and IFundWomen partnered to provide $10,000 grants to U.S. based, women-led small businesses, with plans for global expansion later this year. These grants provide an opportunity for recipients to grow their businesses and continue to offer much needed services to their local (and global) communities. Who are […]