Money Management

Money Management During COVID-19

Ramon spoke with two money experts — Carol Roth and Tricia Taitt — about how to handle finances and money during COVID-19. If you’re a business owner, then you know first-hand how rapid the changes in cash flow have been. Did you prepare for something like this? Probably not, but that’s ok! Most businesses didn’t. The below tips should help set you in the right direction if you’re still having a hard time managing your money right now. The Big Picture at Present Carol explains that there are multiple small economies happening at once right now, all in part to […]

security risks

Big Security Risk for Small Businesses Concerning Employee Social Media

A new Cyber Readiness Institute survey finds that small business owners say employee social media use is a security risk. More than one-in-five employees admit to skirting company cybersecurity policies on a weekly basis. More than 80% of companies allow employees to use personal devices for work, but 46% are not sure or have no clue what social media apps are on those devices. The recent national debate over the use of TikTok and other social media applications on work devices has heightened security concerns for the owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). According to a new Cyber Readiness […]

High Performers Fergus Connolly

6 Things That High Performers [and Achievers] Practice

We all know you can’t control what’s happening with COVID-19 or anything else going on in the world right now, so how do you handle this? How can we stay – or become – high performers in our business? Fergus Connolly, bestselling author and sports performance coach, explains six things that high performers regularly practice. 1. Recognizing Where You Can Change First, Fergus Connolly would say that high performers accept the things you can change and things you cannot change. This happens in business and in life. It even happens to professional athletes who seem to have it all together. […]

Zoho Workplace Reimagines Business Context and Continuity Across Apps

The latest update to Zoho Workplace has brought a focus on business context and continuity to the productivity, collaboration, and communication platform. Zoho Workplace is a suite of nine technology tools, which are integrated to their users’ business processes. It’s essentially a platform that ensures all its component apps are working perfectly with each other. In turn, that helps you more easily go through your work to run your small business. Zoho Workplace’s bottom line Zoho says that the improved capabilities of Zoho Workplace can be grouped into three categories. First, there’s contextual communication. That means that the apps that […]

Business Innovation bench work

COVID Fuels Small Business Innovation, QuickBooks Study Finds

Some entrepreneurs are looking to small business innovation to stem the negative impacts of COVID-19 on the sector. In the new What’s next for the small business economy? report, Intuit QuickBooks surveyed 965 small business owners to gauge both the state of small business and what’s in its future. It finds some changes that are expected, like 34% of businesses cutting costs or 28% relying more on e-commerce. Many are also investing in virtual services (20%) and virtual technology (19%). Some 17% also looked to online payments. These all echo past studies. Small business modernization is crucial. Digital payment adoption […]

Stumpys Franchise Business Lessons

10 Franchise Business Lessons to Learn From a Successful Duo

From their pasts as a network administrator and a principal at the same school district, you’d be forgiven to not think about Stuart and Kelly Josberger as a couple to ask about franchise business lessons. However, we bet many entrepreneurs would, once they learn what the Josbergers have been building in their second careers. You see, the Josbergers and friends Mark and Trish Oliphant founded Stumpy’s Hatchet House. It’s the first indoor hatchet throwing venue in the US. From that beginning in 2015, the company has sold 38 franchises. They have 22 operating, while another 16 is in development. The […]

Business Resiliency

6 Business Resiliency Lessons to Implement Today

The current economic crunch reminds us of the importance of business resiliency. After all, it’s only the most robust businesses that can manage to withstand the pressures added by a pandemic. For Jenefeness Tucker, two Washington-based pizza shops drive this lesson home. One is no more, while the other thrives even during these hard times. Can you guess which business is resilient? But what makes for a resilient business? In a quick chat with Ramon Ray at the recent Survive and Thrive Growth Summit, Jenefeness explains the common characteristics she sees in robust businesses. 1. Implement business resiliency planning When […]

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Digital Transformation Is Crucial for Longevity, According to Cisco Study

A new study reveals just how much the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating small business digital transformation. With this modernization increasingly becoming a necessity, both networking giant Cisco and market intelligence firm IDC recommend eight steps entrepreneurs can take now. These insights are from the 2020 Small Business Digital Maturity Study, commissioned by Cisco. IDC’s analysis of data from eight countries finds the massive impact digitalization can have on GDP by 2024. How much small business digital transformation could boost economic growth The study shows that the economies of the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, the UK, Germany, and France could […]

thriving business

Thriving Small Businesses Often Have This Trait, Says NetSuite Leader

What’s one trait that thriving small businesses often have? Ranga Bodla says that from interactions with countless businesses, the successful ones often have one characteristic that stands out. Ranga heads industry marketing at Oracle NetSuite. The technology giant’s arm makes a host of applications for small- and medium-sized enterprises. As such, the leader has been on the frontlines of discussions with business leaders about their needs. He’s also witnessed how the most successful customers run their organizations. He recently spoke with Ramon Ray at the Survive and Thrive Growth Summit. In addition to the trait that thriving small businesses frequently […]

Mikaila Ulmer Me & the Bees onstage

Social Entrepreneurship Is the Future, Says Teen CEO

As a young business owner focused on social entrepreneurship, Mikaila Ulmer is inspiring others with her success. In fact, the 15-year-old believes that her flourishing business, Me & the Bees, shows that the future is all about social entrepreneurs. Mikaila spoke with Ramon Ray at the recent Survive and Thrive Growth Summit. Thanks to Dell, she tells her entrepreneurship and leadership story. She also explains the importance of her family, her new book, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurship Network, and her advice to entrepreneurs both young and old. From bee stings to buzzing business Mikaila began by telling how Me & […]