Hannah Perry

Hannah’s Journey. Why She’s Franchising Her Art and Party Studio

Hannah Perry is the founder of The Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio, located in Connecticut (USA). She owns one studio, with a second studio, as of July 2021, franchised. Join Hannah, and Ramon Ray, founder of, on this new series of the Smart Hustle Podcast, Hannah's Journey! We’ll follow Hannah on her journey through the...

Technology investments

5 Worthy Tech Investments for Your Businesses

by Catherine Mitchell, VP of Product Development & Management at Cox Business Many small businesses’ efforts to adopt cutting-edge technology were on a slow trickle until the pandemic hit in first quarter 2020. However, COVID-19 opened the floodgates for companies adopting technological solutions that would help them survive tough times and set them up for...

Team Pressure

Team Pressure – What is the Right Amount A Leader Should Give?

Contributor Shweta Jhajharia is a leading expert in the business consultancy industry. She's been recognized for her accomplishments with over 70 awards throughout her career and is with Growth Idea. Applying pressure to your team with hopes of speeding up success is a delicate balance. When you have the pressure of an overbearing superior demanding instant...

funding your startup

Startups Don’t Need Investors To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Business

I applaud the awesome startups who raise funds and build billion-dollar valuation businesses. Guy Raz writes about some of them in his book "How I Built This". However, to thank that the ONLY way to get the capital to build a business, is through debt financing or equity financing - traditional startup investment -...

Mental Health Study

New Study Shows Mental Health is A Challenge for Business Owners

In a survey recently released by Freshbooks with Mindshare, results show that business owners do face mental health challenges. These are different than those with traditional jobs. Entrepreneurial depression is a real thing. Yes, while those in a "9-5" job also face stress, business owners have the added stress of running their own business. There's no road map...

better digital filing system

7 Steps to a Better Digital Filing System

Whether you’ve always had a digital filing system or went 100% digital as a result of the pandemic, your filing system is essential to your day-to-day work. However, like paper filing systems, digital filing systems need structure and ongoing organizing to be most effective. When was the last time you scanned through the folders...

Sell your eCommerce Business

5 Killer Exit Strategies to Sell Your Online Business

Contributed by Blake Hutchison CEO of You’ve invested time and money into building your online business from scratch, but now you’re ready to embark on a new adventure. Perhaps you want to free your schedule from the commitment that comes with managing a digital asset. The thought of traveling the world sounds enticing. Spending more time...

Finding a great partner for your startup - Maison de Papillon

Finding A Partner For Your Startup. How Two Fashion Entrepreneurs Did It.

Fashion startups have special challenges. Not only are they dealing with making a product and selling it, but they're also in a market that's fraught with sourcing challenges and identifying their perfect customer. Ramon Ray, founder of spoke with the founders of Maison de Papillon, Danielle Salinas, and Shriya Bisht about their journey...

video marketing

Instagram Head Says Video Is Important. Square Pics Are Not Enough.

I just watched two and a half minute video from the head of Instagram, who explained how it's morphing from a "photo sharing" site into much more. Instagram's focus will be on creators, video, shopping, and messaging. We've talked quite a bit about the importance of video marketing, here at Video is one of the most...

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