The Top 5 Open Source Projects of 2015

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"] Open Source is all the rage today. Don’t believe that statement? Consider the fact that Google’s Android open source operating system boasts 78 percent of the smartphone market. Not sure what open source is? It’s the software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. This is box titleGoogle’s Android open...

4 Apps to Manage Your Office on the Go

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"] Managing an office is a full-time job. It involves keeping an eye on employees and physical property, all in an effort to meet deadlines and productivity goals. But we live in an increasingly mobile society and it’s not always feasible to be an office manager while remaining physically on site. Fortunately, there...

work and leisure travel

The Best Tips, Tools and Tech to Make Business Travel More Productive and Stress Free

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"] You really, really need to work during your trip. Your destination is only an hour away, so you only have that much time to put the finishing touches on your client presentation and notes. But you're exhausted, your laptop battery is dead and you're not even sure if your next stop has...

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