Armor Bearer – How Can You Serve Others?

There are several ways we can all serve others.

We can receive from others. We can give to others.

Many of you have attended events. At an event, there are three key ways you can serve.

  1. You can serve on the “stage” and share with the attendees.
  2. You can be an attendee and learn from those on the stage
  3. You can serve in the event production and help the event be produced

LIFE is a big stage.

At times the best way you can serve is to be “hidden” and uplift someone else.

These insights compiled with Tamra Andress and Ramon Ray

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You can be an Armor Bearer!

Your pastors, executives, speakers, coaches, consultants, celebrities, athletes – people who are often in the limelight and pouring into others NEED your help, your support.

These are people who often POUR into others at a very HIGH LEVEL and need an armor bearer.

The person spotlight, who is pouring into others, NEEDS support.

They cannot do it alone.

Know the story of Moses on the mountain. He was tired and needed the support of others. (Exodus 17:12)

Some special traits of an armor bearer

    1. ANTICIPATE needs
    2. HIDDEN role. Possibly IN THE limelight but hidden in the limelight
    3. Know when to SPEAK UP, and be strongly opinionated for the leader’s BEST interest
    4. Know when to give space and NOT SPEAK
    5. KEEP CONFIDENTIAL – you have access and see things others don’t
    6. IT’S NOT YOUR SELFIE TIME – you ensure they have access to the celebrity, etc NOT YOU
    7. BE EARLY – when they say they need you at 8am, you show up at 7:30am
    8. GO HEAD OF THEM – when they come into the room, the room/area should be prepared
    9. KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS – The leader has a LOT of people wanting their time. Be able to help them prioritize who gets access and at what time they get access. If it’s 30 minutes before SHOW time and the fire department calls they get priority over someone needing to get a book signed.

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