New Amazon Business Website Offers Low Price and Perks to Small Businesses

New Amazon Business Website Offers Low Price and Perks to Small Businesses

Amazon recently announced that they will be expanding their offerings to business owners through a separate website called Amazon Business. The new site will offer hundreds of millions of products with a setup very similar to the regular Amazon, but there are also several features that make it more ideal for business purchasing.

For one, when you use Amazon Business you start by signing up for a free business account (or convert your personal account into a business account by using your same email). You can then add other users onto the account which allows other authorized employees to make business purchases on the account. Within your account you can also set up payment methods (debit, credit, or even an Amazon line of credit), and manage aspects of the account such as shipping addresses, approval workflows, individual spending limits and more.

Amazon Business will have millions of products for a range of business needs – office supplies, industrial products, food service items, lab equipment and more. They also will be carrying hard to find items and adding more items and suppliers every day.

So why should business owners choose Amazon Business versus the regular Amazon account? Here are some extra perks that are designed just for Amazon Business:

      • Business-only pricing on select items allows you to get the absolute lowest price on your supplies
      • You’ll have access to business-only products – items that certain suppliers sell only to businesses and therefore are not available on the main Amazon site
      • Offer comparison displays multiple offers from different sellers on a single page so you can easily find the best value
      • Over 20 million items qualify for free two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more
      • Tax-exempt businesses can participate in the Amazon Tax Exception Program where they can make and manage tax-exempt purchases
      • Amazon Business accounts can apply for an Amazon Line of Credit where you can choose a pay-in-full credit line or a revolving credit line

Amazon Business is a multi-seller platform just like the regular Amazon site, which offers another perk to B2B businesses. Whether you currently sell on Amazon or not, you can sign up to be an Amazon Business seller, listing your full selection of products and marketing them directly to business customers.

There is speculation that Amazon’s expansion to Amazon Business is a way to compete against Staples, which could soon dominate the market for office supplies. In 2013, Office Depot purchased Office Max for $976 million  then earlier this year Staples announced that will buy Office Depot for $6.3 billion (provided the merger gets regulatory approval as well as approval from Office Depot shareholders).

For business owners, the Amazon Business website should help streamline the purchasing process with the ability to deal with one reputable company for all business purchasing needs. Though still in its infancy, Amazon Business will hopefully lower costs and improve efficiency for businesses large and small.

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