A Hospitality Entrepreneur Changing How Travelers See the World

Ramon Ray spoke to many women during his time at the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in Singapore. Many have created businesses that are changing industries and even the world. Aditi Balbir and her business, V Resorts, are no different. 

Aditi Balbir is changing the game of how small hotels and resorts can source and manage their customers. Even though AirBnB is popular in India where Aditi lives, she explains that there have been issues with quality and trust, which is causing many people to skip out on the AirBnB experience. Aditi’s business is trying to solve that problem for both the owners of the properties and the customer who needs a place to stay.

Her business, V Resorts, will actually take over the management of your small property, hotel, or resort. That means her team will handle things like housekeeping, vendor management, customer service, and more. 

Our business model is simple – develop a new destination, establish a resort, support the local villages by providing employment, developing new skills, supporting the local trade, and provide the customer with a true ‘Make In India’ tourism experience.

New Age Solutions

V Resorts coins itself as a new age travel solutions company that provides standardized boutique experiences in the leisure travel space. Primarily built on the concept of introducing the harried Indian traveler to new and unexplored places in the country, V Resorts is developing new destinations — and — ideas for tourism.

Today, they have more than 100 properties spread across 17 Indian states. Balbir conceptualized the business idea while conducting research for Bedrock Ventures. “When you expose urban travelers to unique travel experiences such as discovering the regional arts and crafts, indigenous food et all, awareness and appreciation grows, and it empowers the 'little India', leading to the successful growth of the model,” she says.

V Resorts relies entirely on local staff and resources to run the properties they manage, and they practice environmentally friendly policies, including conservation of water and use of solar power. Her philosophy includes adding to the local economies by partnering with local vendors who can provide guests with a glimpse of regional art, craft, music, and dance. 

About Aditi Balbir, Woman Entrepreneur

Aditi left a career in finance that spanned almost a decade and has become a well-known entrepreneur in India. Her drive and vision quickly shaped V Resorts into a successful venture. She also enjoys mentoring other women and fostering entrepreneurship. She’s on the panel of the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network and the Cherie Blair Foundation.

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