10 Exciting Ways to Attract New Customers

Entrepreneurship is a game of constantly attracting new customers to continually make sales. While digital marketing plays a large part in winning that game, it shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolbox. Here, are some awesome strategies to make customers ready to give you their money.

Digital Marketing

We can’t overlook this category because it is so essential to the success of any business. Let’s look at a few of the cornerstones to smart digital marketing.

Take Blogging to the Next Level

Go beyond your business blog and start contributing on other sites. This is great for you if your business is still relatively new because you might not yet be attracting that many readers to your own blog. By writing blog posts for more established blogs, you get access to their readers who can click your link to learn more about you.

Host Twitter Chats to Engage a New Audience

Social media is a must to building relationships with future customers. But don’t just be a passive user. If you see a gap in the information provided on Twitter, fill it with your own branded Twitter Chat. You can host one of these real-time events on Twitter once a week, a month, or a quarter. Your goal is to provide useful information on a subject you know well. But don’t limit your audience to just your own knowledge; invite other experts in your field to share their insight.

Leverage Email Marketing to Segment Your Audience

Email marketing is at a whole new level of sophistication these days. You can create different landing pages with unique offers targeted to specific segments of your demographic. From there, you can nurture those email leads in different ways. For those who are just starting to look for a solution, you can provide some basic 101 information in the form of a free ebook. For those who want to compare solutions, you can offer a comparison chart of your brand and top competitors. Because each segment has specific needs, you can deliver exactly what they are looking for via email.

Don’t Let Leads Slip Through the Cracks

Things get busy, and it’s easy to forget to follow up with someone about a prospective order. But proper lead management is essential to staying organized and on top of opportunities. You need to know at any given moment the status of a potential sale as well as the roadblock to closing the deal. You may need to assign tasks to people on your team to make that happen. Having a smart customer relationship management platform can make that easy.

Product Packaging & Stocking

Break out of the marketing category to explore other ways to attract new business. How your product looks and its positioning on the shelf can greatly influence someone’s decision to buy.

Don’t Cheap Out on Product Packaging Design

That saying, “whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well” rings true. Sure, you want to cut costs wherever you can, but the design of your product’s packaging is not the place to do it. The design needs to grab people and jump out from a sea of similar products. Invest in a quality designer who has experience with a style you admire.

Make Friends with Store Owners

If you stock your product in local stores, you may need to spend some serious time beating the streets to forge those relationships. No store is too small; even the tiniest boutique can be a big customer if your products resonate. But take that extra time to get to know owners and managers. Provide requests and ideas about how to best display your products to best attract attention. Then pop into the store on a busy day to see how people are reacting.

Offline Efforts

It’s hard to remember any marketing that didn’t happen on the Internet, but there are still plenty of offline techniques that can help you thrive today.

Network with the Right Attitude

Attending networking events is not to make a sale then and there. It’s to build relationships with people who may buy from you in the future...or who can refer you to potential customers or partners. So go into it with the proper mindset: you’re there to provide value. How can you connect someone you meet to someone who can help them? Can you provide useful advice that they’ll appreciate? Do that over time and you will become indispensable to your networking friends.

These ideas are just the start and are meant to inspire your own creative ways to attract more customers.

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