6 Simple Services for Remote File Access

Managing your work and business affairs gets easier when you don’t need to go to a particular computer or location to access your files. When you forget to bring specific files with you on your computer or portable storage device, remote data access eliminates the extra effort otherwise needed to retrieve them. In the past, security concerns kept some people from taking advantage of remote file access, but modern tools have robust built-in security, making them safe and easily used. Check out the following six simple remote file access services now to start working smarter.


Pushbullet’s features enable you to share messages and files between all your devices without needing to install special software on your computer. You can access the Pushbullet website from your machine or use mobile iOS and Android Pushbullet apps on your mobile devices to get access to fantastic file sharing capabilities that also include SMS messages.

Pushbullet works even when your devices are connected to different networks. The service has three separate sections that help you access remotely almost all the information accessible from your PC. As long as your devices have access to the Internet, you can send files to them regardless of your location.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Get remote file sharing for all your hardware platforms when you set up Chrome Remote Desktop. The service uses Google’s Chrome browser or operating system to gain access to your Chromebooks and computers as well as your favorite mobile devices.

To obtain access to your files, activate Chrome’s “Remote Assistance” feature on your device. After entering your PIN, you will see a list of your devices Chrome Remote Desktop associated with your Google account. Choose the device you want to access and you will see the desktop of your remote computer as if it was sitting in front of you. Use Chrome Remote Desktop for easy and stable cross-platform sharing.


Access host computers from anywhere using TeamViewer. The simple, feature-rich application works without changing routers or firewalls so that it does not disrupt your work. The application supports video and voice communications, and text-based chat, making it an excellent tool for supporting users of the host machine. You can collaborate with a logged-in user of the host machine and switch which computer acts as the host. The software also supports online meetings.

You can use TeamViewer to awaken a sleeping host computer. The software also lets you reboot the host and reconnect automatically when it comes online. TeamViewer works with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems and lets clients join sessions via a web browser. You can use TeamViewer’s available mobile apps to access computers using your smartphone or tablet. The application allows file transfer and local printing on the client from the host machine and controls whether clients have access to a particular application or the host’s entire desktop. There are TeamViewer business, premium, corporate, and enterprise packages to choose from.

Ammyy Admin

Despite modest design, Ammyy enables sharing of remote desktops and control of remote servers. Install the portable, zero-config remote access application on a computer and use the code it supplies to access it from a remote client. Fast installation and secure operation make Ammy Admin a popular choice in corporate settings. You can launch your first remote session twenty seconds after downloading the administrative application onto the host computer.

You can choose whether to automatically run Ammyy Admin as a service on a host machine or open the program on demand. Copy the ID number from the host to log-in from a client machine. You can access the host’s applications and clipboard, converse with a user at the host machine via voice chat, and exchange files with the host using the Ammyy Admin client. Try the software by downloading its limited free version or choosing from three premium licensing options.


OneDrive lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from all your connected devices, including smartphones and tablets that have the OneDrive app installed. You can also use your OneDrive website login to access files from computers and devices that don’t have the software installed. Apart from its primary functions, Microsoft OneDrive has become a favorite tool for accessing files remotely because of its simplicity and integration with the Windows operating system.

The innovative OneDrive “Fetch” feature provides access to data on your PC that you haven’t shared using the OneDrive service. If you use an old Windows version except for version 8.1 which doesn’t support remote access, download the OneDrive app. Windows 10 has OneDrive built into it.

Enable “Fetch” by choosing the “Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC” option from the OneDrive settings tab in the system tray. The system will enable two-factor authentication whenever you first allow access to a new PC.

OneDrive “Fetch” activated PCs will appear in a list displayed to you after logging into the service. Choose the device that has the files you need and then the “Upload” option from the right-click menu to move your data.


You can enjoy the features and convenience of remote access software for free when you choose AeroAdmin. The easy-to-install application requires just a few simple settings to make it run. Within seconds your host computer can accept connections, even when it resides behind NAT. Clients running the AeroAdmin application can connect using the host’s ID or IP address. Users can choose to use the software to either watch or interact with the host computer. The app allows full control of a host computer including its applications and clipboard. You can transfer files using the app and use it for online presentations and distance learning.

You can use AeroAdmin for personal or business use and use it to isolate data, locate stolen host computers, and provide remote technical support. The application works well as an employee monitoring tool that can boost the productivity of your business. Using AeroAdmin for team collaboration can improve the efficiency of your business, especially when you work with remote employees. A user of a machine configured to host AeroAdmin clients must carefully approve connection requests to avoid giving access to a malicious user.

What About Security?

Remote access software tools use strong security, but they can add to the possible entry points an attacker can use to compromise your systems. Despite the theoretical risk of remote access software, other security threats such as keyloggers and weak passwords represent a greater problem. Still, you should take reasonable precautions to follow good security practices when you have remote access enabled.

Software for remote file access often opens particular network ports on your computer, making them vulnerable to backdoor attacks. Security mindfulness can do much to minimize any threat created by using remote access software. For example, you should only enable services that you need. Otherwise, you will have many different applications running that gives hackers additional opportunities to access your data. Also, routing remote access services through your corporate VPN router gives your business a greater degree of control over network traffic.

John Porter is a Southampton-based freelance writer and a tech head, so he enjoys writing about new technology and likes to share software tips and tricks. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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