10 Last Minute Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

10 Last Minute Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – have you considered capitalizing on the holiday with your marketing efforts? Chances are that if you haven’t done so by now, you’re likely thinking that the opportunity has passed you by.

Not so fast. There are still many different ways you can include Valentine’s Day in your marketing efforts to increase your sales and strengthen your bond with customers. These tactics are perfect for retailers who hadn’t planned for Valentine’s Day, and also for those who did but would like a little boost in the final stretch. Gather your ideas from the list below – 10 last minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to try today.

1. Valentine’s Day Promo Code or Flash Sale

Online retailers still have the chance to set up a last minute Valentine’s Day promo code or sale, even if it just spans a day or two. Make the code or sale prominent on your website’s home page and then market like crazy via social media. As it gets closer to the 14th, make sure that you also post any special information about shipping – for example, at a certain point one- or two-day shipping will be the only way for gifts to arrive on time.

2. Offer Gift Wrapping

This is a perfect last minute Valentine’s Day marketing idea for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses, and it caters to customers who want to complete their shopping in one simple step. Gift wrapping could be a free perk if a customer spends a certain amount, or you could charge a fee for the service.

3. Create a Promotional Table

For stores with a physical location, if you haven’t done anything special regarding Valentine’s Day, you can at least gather your best holiday-related items and group them together on a table. Set your table up close to the door to make it more prominent.

4. We Heart Our Customers Message

No matter your business, you can use Valentine’s Day to tell your customers you appreciate them on Valentine’s Day. Plan a special social media post, email your customers a Valentine’s card, or send a quick text.

5. Promote Gift Cards

As the days draw closer to Valentine’s Day, customers looking for gifts will be more likely to stop into a physical store than shop online, for fear that the gift won’t get there in time or they’ll have to pay a lot for shipping. To capture this group of shoppers, promote your gift card options as the perfect way to get a last-minute gift your sweetheart will love.

6. Create Your Own Gift Baskets

Let’s bounce back with a tip for physical stores again. If your store sells items appropriate for Valentine’s Day, you can increase your sales (and purchase per customer) by grouping items into gift baskets. This capitalizes on the convenience factor but it also means customers may spend more in your store than if they were picking up gifts one by one.

7. Create a Valentine’s Day-Related Hashtag

To boost your social media engagement, any store with a social presence can create a Valentine’s Day-related hashtag and encourage customers to join the fun. This article shows how 5 brands did this cleverly in 2014. If you don’t want to create your own hashtag, you can also join in on other trending Valentine’s Day hashtags – the inclusion of which will make your social posts more visible. For ideas, check out this list of top Valentine’s Day hashtags from 2015.

8. Offer a Coupon on Social Media

Everybody loves the opportunity to save money, so both online and brick-and-mortar businesses can use social media to create an enticing offer for their fans. By using Facebook Offers, you can set up a discount or promotion for customers to redeem online or in your store. You can also choose to ‘boost’ your offer so it will appear higher in News Feeds so there is a better chance your audience will see it.

9. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If your business has a blog (and it should!) you can set some time aside right now to create a Valentine’s Day gift guide featuring some of your best products or services. Make sure every idea has a direct link to the purchase page, making it easier for customers to buy. You’ll also want to heavily market the blog post on all your social channels so people can read it in time, and paying extra for a few ads isn’t a bad idea either.

10. Increase Engagement with a Contest or Giveaway

A final idea is to create a Valentine’s Day-themed contest or giveaway for your customers, fans and followers. You can host a giveaway on your own website using free tools such as Rafflecopter or Giveaway tools. Or you could run your promotion directly on Facebook. The guidelines are here and some ideas include ‘like to win,’ ‘comment to win,’ ‘fill in the blank,’ ‘photo caption,’ or asking customers to submit their own photos.

Even though Valentine’s Day is right around the bend, your business can still capitalize on the holiday to boost sales and customer engagement. Get started on these last minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas today – the sooner you start, the more results you will see.

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