Attention To Customer Details Is Her Secret to Success for this Domestic Staffing Company

The name you give your business, hiring the right people and a focused attention on customer details are just three of the many things that Donna Morris, of Xtra Pair of Hands DC has done to grow her business.

One of the favorite things I like about being a global speaker is meeting thousands of new business owners every year! I always take time to stop and ask people about themselves and about their business. I met Donna Morris at the Small Business Expo in Washington, DC.  and her spark, spunk and story of success intrigued me so much, I invited her to be a guest on my Smart Hustle Podcast!

Xtra Pair of Hands is a domestic staffing agency, specializing in clients executing on their events. When you host your own event, you don't have time to talk with your guests and enjoy the event. Xtra Pair of Hands staff work with you to ensure the event goes perfectly and that every detailed is taken care of. Your guests are happy and so are you.

Here's a few things we discussed and that you can learn from her. See our podcast and video below and the show notes below.

A targeted focused, NICHE, is the key to success

Indeed you can try to serve "all customers" like Walmart, Amazon or Netflix does. But to do that you'll have to play a different game. For many of us smaller companies, however, the key to our success is to go NICHE. Donna focuses on clients in Washington, DC who often host events in their homes or other intimate settings. Going niche has two benefits. YOU become more and more of an expert into every whim and need of your customer. Your customers most likely hang out in the same circles and will share their success tips, with each other. If YOU'RE doing great work they WILL refer business to you.

The Name of Your Business Matters

Donna first started out by just helping clients with their events and people kept telling her they were so happy to get an "extra pair of hands". Hearing this over and over again, gave Donna the name of her business.

Because of her excellent work, Donna's company grew from a handful to hundreds.

Do Good Work and You'll Get Referrals

If you want clients to hire you again and give you referrals, just do great work. So many clients thank Donna, send her thank you cards and more. This is all because of Donna's focus on excellence and perfection for her clients.

Know What's Important To Your Clients

Donna told me that one of the most important things she and her team does is a client walk through. A walk through ensure that they can "get into the client's shoes". Where's the toilet paper? What are the entrances? Are their children? By focusing on the details to create a great event experience, Xtra Pair of Hands is succeeding.

You're Not Scalable

Donna quickly learned that she was not scalable and she had to focus on building processes and hiring staff with the right attitude, personality and experience in various areas of event production. Being seen, but not heard, is an effective trait of event staff. Being able to blend in so well that people might think you're the staff, is one of the highest compliments Donna's team can receive. To get this level of excellence Donna only hires people who came via referrals and have strong recommendations.

What to say NO to?

Having a "stress" free business is what Donna prides herself in. This doesn't mean that there are not times of stress in the day to day operations of the business, but Donna is very focused on providing domestic staff or smaller engagements. If she's hired to do an event for 1,000 or something else that she does not do, she'll provide them with a referral. Doing things that you don't love or don't do well, is recipe for success.

What tech tools does Donna use?

When Donna first started out, a lot of her business was built on paper, pen and manual work. As she's grown her business she's come to rely on technology. What's amazed Donna is how many bigger companies are offering solutions for much smaller businesses.

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