If you’re looking for a website to share your expertise on small business success, Smart Hustle could be your next host.

You can submit your articles on topics that help small businesses owners start, market, and grow their business ventures.

What Smart Hustle Accepts:

When it comes to publishing guest articles on Smart Hustle, we are a selective publisher. We publish only content that helps small businesses succeed.

Here are submission guidelines you must follow to get accepted:

  • Please think about what’s important for a small business owner – less than 50 employees (or less than 100) and will help them START their business or GROW IT.
  • You should send an original article written exclusively for Smart Hustle
  • Your article should have at least 800 words (no compromise on the word count)
  • Your article should have lots of whitespace
  • Use short paragraphs (2-3 sentences in a paragraph) and short sentences (not more than 20 words in a paragraph)
  • Your article should have proper attribution to source (data or quotations)
  • You should organize your article in subheadings and pointers to make it easy to read on mobile devices
  • Your article should pass the Copyscape test and have a Hemingway App Grade 4-9

Once your article is published on Smart Hustle, it cannot be published anywhere. We will take the article down if we find it live on any other platform.

What We don’t Accept

We receive hundreds of guest post pitches weekly. And we accept only a handful of them.

To ensure that we accept your pitch, you should avoid:

  • Bypassing our editorial calendar
  • Sending a pitch that is driven solely by a link-building purpose
  • Crafting a pitch to promote your product or company

Even if we have accepted your pitch, we reserve the right to reject your submitted article if it has been poorly written.

We don’t accept pitches related to casino or adult content.

How to Find Topics to Pitch

Our editorial calendar is the first place to start your research. Pick the topic of the month and find keyword ideas.

Ubersuggest is a good tool for keyword research. Any relevant keyword having at least 50 Search Volume is good for us.

Before sending your pitch, search our website to ensure that we haven’t covered that topic.

We will not accept a pitch if the topic has already been covered on Smart Hustle.

How to Approach Us

Once you have discovered an interesting topic, send your pitch to ramon@smarthustle.com for consideration.

Use “Guest Pitch_Your Topic” as a subject line.

Our inboxes are flooded with guest post pitches. So we may take up to five days to replay if your guest post is accepted. If you don’t hear from us after five days, it means we have decided not to go ahead with your p

We are super active on social media. Following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin and letting us know through a direct message may expedite the process.

Things to Consider When Writing Your Guest Article

Merely accepting your pitch doesn’t guarantee that Smart Hustle will publish your article. Your guest article should educate small business owners so that they can make informed decisions.

Here are some pointers to help you write an excellent guest post:

  • Write an introductory paragraph that helps readers understand what this article is about
  • Use your main keyword in the first paragraph
  • Create informative body content that justifies the title of your post
  • Finish your article with a powerful conclusion
  • Add links to at least two Smart Hustle articles in your content
  • Don’t add more than four outbound links in your content (strickly no service page link)
  • Run your article by Grammarly, Hemingway App, Copyscape to ensure the quality of your post
  • Include six social media posts (three for Facebook and three for Twitter) in your article
  • Share your article via Google drive with the permission to edit

Please include your short author bio (max 50 words) in your article along with a headshot (150 x 150 pixels)

You grant us the right to edit the article and remove any backlink or make it no-follow by submitting your article.


  • Your article should be EASY TO READ
  • Please DO NOT HAVE DENSE paragraphs, leave lots of white space
  • Please don’t have paragraphs with lots of long sentences (do not)
  • Remember, people will read while scrolling on a phone
  • It’s great to use bullet points¬† – IF appropriate
  • Definitely use HEADERS for easier reading

Benefits of Writing for Us

You will receive one self-promotional backlink to your website’s home page in your byline.

We will promote your live article to our social media followers and subscribers. As a result, you will have a chance to get noticed by our cumulative audience of 50k small business owners.