What's Your Plan B and C In Case Plan A Fails? Aquavault (Shark Tank Contestant) Founder Shares His Insights.

Jonathan Kinas co-founded Aquavault after he and his buddies had their valuables stolen off a beach. He was a contestant on Shark Tank and Smart Hustle's Ramon Ray (LINK) caught up with him to get his insights and tips.

One of the challenges Aqauvault faced early on was when to launch. This is a common dilemma. Often we want things to be perfect, but they can never be perfect. At some point, you just have to launch.

Get comfortable with failure and know that path is not going to be smooth. Jonathan advises, have a plan B and C.

He also shared that anytime not spent on working, you spend on learning. So keep these in balance.

Being always aware of the market competition is essential. Jonathan said that as soon as others realize that what you have is valuable, you're going to have other people try to jump into the category as well. It's essential that you are always a few steps ahead of the competition.

To learn faster, Jonathan said, learn from those you emulate in your category who can help you build your company and learn faster.

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