Collaborate and Communicate Remotely with Webinars and Video conferencing

This year has shown just how important it is to be able to connect remotely. Effective communication and collaboration are crucial during this trying time and outside of it to keep businesses and education running smoothly. Webinars and video conferencing help companies, universities and colleges stay connected with global employees, students and customers.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about webinars and video conferencing.

The benefits of Webinar and Video Conferencing 

There are some benefits of using webinars and video conferencing in education and business.

Easy remote communication

This is especially advantageous at the current time when there are restrictions on people meeting in person. Using webinars means that important conferences and meetings can still take place.

Cost-effective communication

Even when in-person meetings can take place, using webinars and video conferencing software is more cost-effective. This is due to the fact that travel costs and meeting venue costs are removed from the equation.

Higher attendance numbers

Often, it's easier for an individual to attend a conference or meeting online than it is for them to attend in person. So, hosting video conferences and webinars makes sense from the perspective of reaching a larger audience.

In the case of webinars, there are several other advantages to be had, including:

  • Adding value to the online presence of a business or organization.
  • Establishing the authority of a brand.
  • Securing high-quality sales leads from amongst attendees.

Points to consider when hosting a webinar or video conference

While hosting webinars and video conferences brings many benefits, there are several points to consider in order to optimize these benefits.

Is the hosting venue the right one?

Whether hosting a webinar or video conference, it's important to make sure that the hosting venue:

  • Looks professional.
  • Is free from disturbances.
  • Is free from visual distractions.
  • Has enough light available and is lit in the right way. This usually involves lighting from the side rather than from above. 

Are speakers or hosts properly prepared?

Webinars do not go well if speakers are disorganized or their content is not relevant to the audience. Speakers need to be selected with the audience in mind. They also need to have their content well-prepared. Hosts should ensure that there is a well-thought-out running order.

Are attendees prepared and engaged?

Attendees at webinars or video conferences need to have all of the relevant information they need. Hosts should consider:

  • Sending invites that provide an overview of the meeting or event.
  • Requesting feedback from prospective webinar attendees to ensure that the content of the webinar is a good fit.
  • Sending reminders to ensure that attendees know about the webinar or video conference.

Is the platform a good choice?

The webinar platform that a business uses needs to have the technology in place to enable important features such as:

  • Chat options.
  • Communication tools.
  • Support for the required size of the audience.
  • Analysis tools.

MyOwnConference has this technology in place and is a popular choice of webinar and video conferencing platform. It's simple to use and highly adaptable with pricing plans to suit many different user requirements.

Webinars and video conferencing using MyOwnConference

MyOwnConference is an up-to-date solution for all webinar, video conferencing and online meeting requirements. Businesses and colleges can use MyOwnConference directly in a browser without downloading any apps, software or plugins.

The benefits of using MyOwnConference are valuable. They include:

  • Simple and highly adaptive functionality.
  • Personalization that enables the use of logos and branding.
  • Free account available with basic functionality.
  • Maximum of 5,000 attendees.

Why using MyOwnConference works for business and education

The features that are available to users of MyOwnConference are useful to both the business and education sectors. They enable business owners, managers or lecturers to organize meetings and conferences with employees, prospective customers and students, across the world.

Using the platform makes organizing conferences and meetings a simple process. Users are able to simply invite people to webinars and meetings by sending them personal links. They can also record the content of webinars and meetings so that those invited can watch them at a later date. This can be especially useful to educational establishments like universities as a way of enabling students to attend virtual lectures.

Features of MyOwnConference

There are several features of the MyOwnConference platform that are valuable to businesses, universities and colleges.

Webinar recording  

Webinars can be recorded and made available for viewing at a later date. This is useful for businesses that want to make their content available to potential customers on an ongoing basis. It's also useful for colleges that want to create a library of webinar lectures for students to access.

Browser enabled webinars and meetings 

People are more likely to attend meetings and webinars if they find it easy to do so. MyOwnConference makes attendance easy by enabling people to participate by simply accessing the content in a browser.

Screen Sharing 

Users of MyOwnConference have access to screen sharing. This allows them to share presenter screens with attendees so that they can get a better understanding of the content. This is a valuable tool in a business or educational environment where potential customers or students need to understand complex ideas that are being presented.

Chats and Instant Messages 

Communication is a vital part of many webinars and meetings in both business and educational settings. MyOwnConference provides instant messaging and chat facilities that allow attendees to communicate with the host and each other.

Language Support 

One of the most impressive features of the MyOwnConference platform is that it supports 16 different languages. This removes language barriers and means that MyOwnConference is a truly global solution. 

In summary

Overall, MyOwnConference provides a modern, high-performing and affordable solution for webinars, video conferencing and online meetings.

The features are easy to use and help businesses and educational establishments to optimize the effectiveness of digital communication. Attendance is also easy with attendees simply having to click the dedicated link that the host sends to them. These factors, together with the features discussed in this article, make MyOwnConference a good choice for businesses, colleges and universities.

Published in partnership with MyOwnConference


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