Why Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Business

From the beginning of human existence there was the need for knowledge, which is the main reason why we’ve evolved so much. Knowing that our brain is a muscle that feeds mostly on information, and the human soul has this eternal need for growth, that would make us humans a black hole for knowledge. As we know, the fastest way to gain knowledge is through the (spoken, written or visual) answer to a question of some kind.

According to the research made by psychologists, public relations and marketing specialists, when we are selectively attending to one activity, we tend to ignore other stimulation, although our attention can be distracted by something else like someone using our name. That’s why we can read a book and listen to the radio at the same time, but we can’t focus on anything else while we watch TV or video. This is because the audiovisual media require our full attention in order to understand what the author has to say.

The power of video is used as a tool by the media and marketing specialists in order to reach the target market and boost their businesses. Having this in mind, we will give you a few very good reasons why you should include video marketing in promoting your business.

Video makes it easy to remember and it helps when it comes to building trust

Did you know that 80% of consumers remember a video they have watched in the last month? Most of the public have good visual information processing means being able to quickly and accurately process and analyse the information, then store it in a visual memory and recall it later. As we mentioned earlier, video requires consumer’s full attention so they will easily remember what they saw and heard, unlike other marketing strategies. Moreover, use of audiovisuals helps build trust with the audience because they appreciate the effort company has made in order to capture their attention. This also creates an impression that the company is reliable and really cares about its image.

Video can indeed be affordable

Most companies do not opt for video marketing because they perceive it as expensive and complicated. Well, we have news for you - the video marketing can be affordable. The innovative technology has inspired a lot of companies, like Valoso company, to specialize in video production and video in digital marketing. Companies like Valoso create digital media content which is engaging and more importantly thoroughly researched to deliver maximum impact, cheaper and faster with a diverse and global team utilizing most innovative technology and automation.

Create the WOW effect

According to the news shared by HubSpot, more than 43% of potential customers want to see more video content than marketers, so it is expected that video marketing will claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Not to mention that Google loves videos, and it makes videos appear in more than 68% of the top 100 search result listings, so using video to promote a business creates huge SEO advantages. One of the advantages is the fact that a big number of the decision-makers contact a company after viewing a branded video.

Reach out to millions of people

Given the information we used by now, the best part about video marketing is that it helps you in reaching out to millions of people within a short time. It’s fast, it’s stacked with information and combined with social media it can go viral and gain millions of views within a day, all that without spending a lot of money. Comparing Video for marketing purposes, there is no other form of marketing that can have the size of impact and reach the volume of potential clients in a very short time.

The video marketing can’t be ignored any longer. It has earned its keep, and it deserves a place in every company’s content marketing plan. There is huge number of types of videos you can make in order to promote your company, including how-to’s, testimonials, share your expertise or add a personal touch. The possibilities are infinite, but the choice is yours.

Natasha Mitev is a PR and Marketing Professional, with previous experience in journalism. Worked as a journalist  for 6 years, switched careers and she’s working in the marketing industry since 2015. Natasha has Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Journalism and Master degree in Arts in Public Relations.  Read more information about Natasha here.


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