Your Transformation Conference

Upgrade your mindset and be a better leader in your business and your life!

Be Happy

Being a better leader means you're first a better leader to YOURSELF.

Then you're able to lead other people.

Then you're ready to transform your business.

Your Transformation Conference brings together the business owners, thought leaders and personal development experts to help you TAKE YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR LIFE to the next level.

Ramon Ray's Virtual Event


Just a few of the transformational topics designed for you...

Let Go Of Your Past

Learn how you can let go of your past. Look at your future and become the best version of who you were meant to be.

Pitch With Confidence

Have the confidence to pitch your business (and yourself) to win the deal you deserve.

Find Your Zone of Genius

How can you live a happier and more fulfilled life? By finding and thriving in your Zone of Genius.

Be More Relatable and Have Better Relationships

Get insights and tips into how to build better relationships and be more related – in business and life.

Pitch With Clarity and Confidence

Have the confidence to pitch your business (and yourself) to win the deal you deserve.

Grow A Business That Works for You

Build a business that serves YOU and helps you live the life you want and deserve.

Precious Williams

Precious Williams

Shark Tank; Pitch Champion

Precious Williams is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion who has also successfully appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Black Enterprise Magazine.

Precious is a corporate sales trainer, helping teams to create killer communication skills, craft messaging and understand how to pitch and build sales programs. 

Barbara Majeski

TV Personality; Life coach

Barbara Majeski is dedicated to living life with purpose and approaching all aspects of living with confidence and after recovering from her divorce and Stage III cancer the “Curator of the Good Life” was born. 

Barbara is a TV personality that loves sharing her tips and tricks.  She has made frequent appearances on The TODAY Show, Good Day NY, New York Live and the Nick Cannon Show. 

Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz

Author, Profit First

Mike is the author of several books, including “Profit First”. He’s had over half a million readers of his books and has keynoted at the world’s biggest business events.

He’s built four multi-million-dollar companies and sold two of them: one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500.

Mike Zeller

Coach to high achievers; Company builder

Mike Zeller helps high achievers align their purpose with both the business they want to build and the life they want to live while getting unstuck and shaking off limiting beliefs.

My businesses have done hundreds of millions in sales.

But I’ve also lost over $1 million in bad business breaks, poor decisions, and investments that just didn’t turn out the way we expected.

I now teach the solutions I learned during my darkest days—solutions that changed my life forever.  


Tim Ray

Relationship coach; Global traveler

Tim’s mission is to educate, enable, and empower you with the tools to increase and expand the quality of ALL your current and future relationships.

Tim has spent the last 4 years directly helping over 150 busy professionals & entrepreneurs find freedom and fulfillment in their relationships – this is my passion.

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray

Host and Producer

Ramon Ray, is your event host and producer. He’s the founder of, keynote speaker and in-demand expert on small business success.

Ramon’s authored 5 books, started four companies and sold two of them.

Raylen Davis

Raylen Davis

Former MMA; Sales trainer

Raylen Davis is a former MMA athlete who helps business owners change their mindset and increase their sales.

His team helps coaches go from selling low ticket one on one packages to filling high ticket programs/masterminds consistently using his Elevated Coaches Academy blueprint.

Janie Lacey

Janie Lacy

Trauma Therapist; Media commentator

Dr. Janie Lacy is a Licensed Relationship Trauma Psychotherapist who has over a decade of experience working with those who have unsuccessfully tried to break free from their toxic relationship patterns. By addressing the root issue of their suffering, Janie creates breakthrough experiences from the inside out, allowing her clients to finally find peace within themselves they have so desperately longed for in life. 

She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of relationship trauma. Janie has been featured on Good Therapy, Your Tango, Daily Buzz, Fox, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Spectrum News, Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Fox Soul and the Bill Cunningham Show to name a few. 

Tamra Andress

Tamra Andress

Top Ranked Podcast Host; coach

Tamra’s is the host of one of the top rated, top 1% podcasts. Her mission is to illuminate the lives of passionates by activating their uniquely gifted greatness and catapulting their Kingdom dreams into reality. 

Through faith-based coaching, Founders, Innovators and Trail Blazers will confidently claim “Yes!” AND learn the “how tos” in the pursuit of their purposed ripple effect. 

Rachel Dealto

Rachel Dealto

Author; TV Personality; Tedx

Rachel Dealto helps people find joy in their jobs, confidence in their contributions, and connection with everyone they meet.

Rachel has helped people and organizations worldwide develop interpersonal skills to ensure they are creating open, productive, and collaborative relationships

Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz

Business Coach; Author

Barry Moltz gets company owners growing again who have not yet reached their potential.  As a small business expert with decades of experience in his own business ventures as an entrepreneur as well as an angel investor,

Barry has discovered the formula to get business owners unstuck. He focuses on marketing and sales, leadership and management, cash flow and money, the customer experience and productivity.

Marcus Black

Marcus Black

Motivational speaker

Marcus Black is a former pastor of many years and current urban missionary providing leadership and mentoring programs to several inner city schools. He’s a traveling inspirational speaker, life coach, and host of The Vitalize Podcast.

Sometimes we get so focused on the tactics of business. Indeed, tactics are important.

However without a better change in our mindset and thinking, tactics can only help us grow so far. For the past few short years I've been learning the importance of personal development.

In fact many of the people speaking at the Your Transformation Conference have helped me on my journey to being a better person.

Your Transformation Conference is about elevating your business and your life - changing your MINDSET.

Ramon Ray, host and producer

Ramon Ray