1. YES these times are TOUGH.
    1. YES many businesses are closed
    2. YES many of us are sick or have experienced death by friends and family
    3. YES these times are filled with worry and misery
  2. HOWEVER what choice do we have – we MUST go on and live!
  3. Focus on YOU before your business or you have no business
    1. Focus on your FAMILY before your business or you have no family and that should be most important
    2. Focus on your COMMUNITY (you need good friends)
    3. Focus on your TEAM as you NEED them to power your business (and you should care about them)
  4. FEAR – it’s something we all have
    1. What we DO WITH THE FEAR is what matters. 
    2. High performing athletes and special forces are the same as us they just decide to not let fear hold them back – credit Fergus Connolly
  5. REINVENT ourselves and our BUSINESSES
    1. Care first. Sell second. Empathy and Sensitivity.
    2. Remember, customers NEED your service
    3. Current customers
    4. Past customers
    5. New customers and opportunities
    6. Think Backwards and Consider New Revenue Streams or Improved Processes – credit Mike Michalowicz
    1. Are you ready to lead – to motivate others and ensure everyone is operating to their maximum potential.
    2. Know your NUMBERS. Profit drivers for your business.
    3. Do you have the right team
    4. Process and Systems enable infinite scaling and growth
    5. Database of customers – start now if you don’t have one
    6. Segment your customers to know the specific needs of your customers.
    7. Train your staff how to address customer needs needs
    8. Upgrade your customer service and support – systems and policies
    9. Use this time to educate your customers and BUILD your list.
    10. Leverage technology to increase your productivity, customer service, communications and more.
  7. Your Personal Brand Is More Important than Ever
    1. Build your community and fan base.
    2. Ask for a smile before a sale
    3. Be the Celebrity CEO
  8. Mindset and Attitude for Success in Business
    1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Enjoy pain.
    2. Have a small network of friends and mentors you can rely on for advice and emotional support
    3. Always be willing to learn.
    4. See the possibilities in everything
    5. Take Reasonable Risk
    6. Think Bigger and Think Different

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