Taking Advantage of Twitter with Two Simple Business Solutions

Taking Advantage of Twitter with Two Simple Business Solutions

With over 100 million active users a day, Twitter has become an essential social media platform for many businesses, whether B2B or B2C. However, on a platform that moves at the speed of light, it can be difficult to make an impression with your posts and gain followers. We found two great solutions on the Business Circle  site that will help your small business take advantage of Twitter with minimal effort.

Gain More Twitter Exposure

If more exposure is what you are looking for, then you’ll want to check out this solution that has you building ‘tribes’ of people you can tweet with and for. It all starts with Triberr – a community of talented bloggers and influencers who come together to read and share great content – your blog and a simple WordPress plugin.

Once in Triberr you have the option to either create or join a tribe based on your area of expertise. As an example, if you write about Health & Fitness, you can search the tribes that write about Health & Fitness to see how many members and what the reach of the tribe is (reach is the combined number of followers of all members of the tribe). Once accepted into a Tribe, simple connect your blog via the plugin and your posts automatically feed to all tribe members.

Triberr Image

Now comes the important part – SHARING. In Triberr it is all about reciprocity – you share the posts of your tribe members, and they share yours. In just a few minutes each week, you can easily schedule and share your tribes posts on your Twitter feed and will quickly start to see them sharing yours. This results in more exposure, increased followers and more engagement on Twitter.

For more on this solution and to see the results it provided for one small business, click HERE.

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Interacting with Followers in an Automated Way that Doesn’t Feel Automated

Social media is all about building relationships, but oddly one thing most people typically fail to do effectively on sites like Twitter is ‘talk’ to those following us. Like many good relationships – it all starts at ‘Hello’ and the first impression you make. However, on a site like Twitter, interacting with new followers can be super time consuming. Here’s another solution from the Business Circle site that allows you to say ‘Hello’ in a fun and effortless automated way – that does not feel automated.

Start by creating a custom image in Canva. Make it something that speaks to you or your businesses personality and says “Hello” and “Thank you for following” in a way your customers would appreciate. Here’s an example from the creator of this solution:

zapier twitter image

Next, use Zapier and their step-by-step formula that connects to your Twitter profile to the image and tells it to send to every new follower on your account. That is it!!

To see the more on creating this solution and the results it can deliver, check it out HERE.

Starting, building and protecting your business can be tough. So can satisfying your customers. Check out more solutions to help on the Business Circle site. Can't find a solution to your problem? Simply share your challenge and get great advice from other small business owners.

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