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Digital B2B Payments Adoption a Pandemic Silver Lining

An upside to the pandemic according to small business owners is the adoption of digital B2B payments. Mastercard found in a recent study that 57% of small businesses increased their use of digital systems for business-to-business payments amid the COVID-19 crisis. A majority of business owners (82%) said they changed the way their business sends and...

SXSW 2016 Interview: How Knokal is Connecting You to the Right Businesses

How Knokal is Connecting B2B Small Businesses

The power of Smart Hustle Magazine is that we are creating a community of small business owners. On our website, you will find business tips, news, and inspirational interviews. We also recently launched a Smart Hustle Community Facebook Group where small business owners can network, give advice and get advice. While everyone is pursuing their...