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Meet Alice: Business Mentor for the Modern Era

Meet Alice: Business Mentor for the Modern Era

Female entrepreneurs, I am excited to introduce you to your next business mentor, one who wants to help you scale and FAST! Meet Alice: the first ever AI technology for women entrepreneurs. Alice is ready to connect with you no matter where you live in the world and can help you at any stage of business,...

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Embracing Digital Transformation: Dell EMC World 2017

Earlier this May I took a trip to Las Vegas to attend Dell EMC World, a four-day conference jam packed with information about business, technological innovation and the digital transformation happening in small business. I’m talking keynotes, breakouts, guru sessions, and hands-on labs on over 500 different topics, plus interactive demos and the opportunity to...

Don't Go It Alone How Having A Business Mentor Can Change Your Business

How Having a Business Mentor Can Change Your Business

Small business really is big business especially when you get into the numbers. Around 28 million small businesses are up and running across the country. Owning a business is no small feat. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with pressure on all fronts. But the journey can become more successful alongside a business mentor. 84% of...