Social Content Marketing Tips and Strategies from Christine Cha of Wix

Content is still king and every small business should be capitalizing on using content as a solid, low cost marketing tool for their business. But creating content and then marketing it through your social channels takes time. And with all the 'noise' on the internet, how do you know you are even going to get anyone to hear you? Christine Cha of Wix shared some solid tips and strategies for social content marketing at a presentation sponsored by Infusionsoft at Market NY Expo 2015.

In her very detailed hour long presentation, Christine walks through why driving traffic is all about building trust and offers key tips and strategies to do just that, including:

  • Sharing things that matter to your audience
  • Interacting with real people
  • Listening to your audience
  • Creating beautiful, interesting and hilarious content

She also offers some very big no-no's when it comes to social marketing, including:

  • Not being repetitive
  • Not using automated promotion
  • Not buying likes & follows
  • Not manipulating your audience
  • Not creating boring content for SEO / Social purposes

Christine shares great examples of the types of content to create, what platforms they work best on and even shares three easy posts that you can create and use anytime and a template for organizing when you'll post.

You can get all the great information Christine shared by watching the video below:

How many of these great tips can you use starting TODAY to get your small business social content marketing under control? Let us know which tips you'll start using and what works for you and your audience in the comments below.


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