Save Time and Secure Your Business with a Password Management Tool

One Click Access

Meldium offers an extension that allows you one-click access to all the apps you’ve added to your Launchpad. There are extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, iOS, and Android.

When you add the extension, a Meldium icon will appear on your menu bar (see image below). Clicking the symbol will bring up a list of your apps – then just click the one you want in order to log in.


Safe and Controllable Access to Your Accounts for Team Members

One of the major features, and in my opinion one of the most valuable, is the ability to share account access with team members that is controllable and secure.

When you share access to an application with a team member, they are sent an invitation that allows them instant access. What’s so wonderful about it is that while they have access to the account, they do not have the ability to see the actual password that accesses that account.

Additionally, you can control access from your management screen, including adding or revoking access. This makes the onboarding of new team members and the management of exiting team members super easy. No longer do you need to worry about spending countless hours getting someone all the account information and logins they need to get started. And no longer do you need to worry about team members that have left having access to your accounts. It’s all managed with just a few clicks through Meldium – keeping your accounts safe and secure.

Why Meldium is Right for Your Business

When it comes to evaluating technology for business, I typically look at three major factors:

  1. Will it save time?
  2. Is it easy, user friendly, and easy to manage?
  3. Does it make my business better?

In my opinion, Meldium receives a solid ‘YES’ on each of these factors.

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The one-click access feature is pure genius. Additionally, the ability to quickly add and manage users is ideal for anyone with a team.

It’s a definite time saver (and stress reducer) for anyone who is trying to manage multiple logins to multiple applications and programs. Meldium user, David Petersen – founder of BuildZoom, says, “One of the biggest stressors used to be keeping track of 50 passwords. Every site has different requirements: Numbers, upper case letters, lower case, punctuation, no punctuation – it caused me serious stress. I couldn’t get into my accounts and then I started using Meldium.”

The one-click access feature is pure genius. Additionally, the ability to quickly add and manage users is ideal for anyone with a team.

I found Meldium to be incredibly user friendly. It has a basic, yet powerful, design and after a little exploration I was navigating with ease. Menus are clear cut and directions appear on pages to help guide and instruct. If those aren’t enough, there is also an extensive help center and an email contact for support.

Whether or not it will make your business better can be somewhat subjective. But, given the fact that more and more small businesses are becoming victims of today’s sophisticated hackers, there is no doubt that increased password protection is the first of many steps to help safeguard your business. It’s the deadbolt on the door of your business. Coupling this with other solid security measures will increase your chances of avoiding costly security breaches.

Overall, Meldium is a solid password management program and security measure for small business. Because LogMeIn offers plans to fit every size organization and budget, Meldium should be a staple in the technology arsenal of every small business.

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