Save Time and Secure Your Business with a Password Management Tool

The Launchpad

The Launchpad, or dashboard, is where you land once you log in and is the place where you’ll access all your websites and apps. Adding existing websites and passwords is easy:

  • Click on +Add an Application.
  • Scroll through the HUGE list of applications and websites – 2018 and counting.
  • Choose your application, enter the username and password, then click add.
  • Continue to add all your accounts.

All apps that you add will now appear on your Launchpad. The next time you need access, simply click on the icon for instant access.

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Easy Management

The Manage section of Meldium allows admins and business owners to manage your apps, groups, users, events and settings.

  • Managing Apps: From one screen you can view and manage all your Apps, including:[checklist]
        • Launching the app
        • Editing the password
        • Editing the app settings including App name, login credentials and organization it’s assigned to
        • Deleting the application
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  • Managing Organizations: For each organization you can manage all components including:
        • Creating groups of users within the organization and assigning applications
        • Quickly and easily onboard new employees
        • Invite users to the organization by email
        • Manage existing users access and permission levels
        • See all members of the organization
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  • Managing Team Services: The team services management screen allows you to quickly add new services that specific teams within your organization will use. You can also update credentials and allow Meldium to monitor the service for new data to facilitate accurate user lists.
  • Managing Events: Wondering who’s doing what? The event management screen will show you all activity by user during time periods you can specify.
  • Managing Settings: The settings screen allows you to manage your Meldium account information, change your plan and set security specific security settings. You can also export data and delete any existing organizations.

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