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How to Get Right Videos in front of the Right People

Trena Little is a YouTube Strategist whose mission is helping you create the right videos and getting them in front of the right people who are going to hire you. She says just throwing any video up isn’t going to get you a good return on investment. Trena’s been tackling YouTube strategy for a little over 4 years. She’s worked with a variety of people from bloggers to a train channel.

Anyone Can Do Video

So many people think, “I can’t create videos, I don’t have anything to tell people.” There is any and every kind of niche on YouTube and Trena’s mission is to help you find it and target your audience. One of the things Trena loves most about YouTube is that you can target your audience more specifically than on Facebook Ads and YouTube is FREE.

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Recycling Hinders Your Reach

People on YouTube are looking for a specific kind of video. They have a problem they want to be solved. Trena’s number one piece of advice is that you absolutely must not repurpose your videos from Facebook and put them on YouTube. Trena has tested her theory and it’s proven that recycling a video that was created for Facebook and putting it up on YouTube hinders both reach and growth. Trena points out that for a Facebook Live video that’s repurposed for YouTube, audience retention will drop at least 50-60 percent in the first 5-10 seconds.

Don’t Do It for the Followers

It’s ok if you only have a couple hundred or a few thousand followers. Trena advises that you want to focus on hitting the RIGHT people, not the MOST people. She says, “getting a massive amount of subscribers doesn’t mean that those subscribers are actually going to buy.” This is especially true for service-based businesses who can only take on a limited number of clients at one time. She gives an example of a business that has 25 open spots for new clients really only needs 25 of the RIGHT subscribers.

Expert Advice – The Data Doesn’t Lie

You don’t need a better background or a better camera. Trena says, “Just start posting videos!” You have to start somewhere in order to get the feedback and the data to tweak those videos to better appeal to your audience. Then, you can dive into the analytics and look at your click-through rate. Each niche has its own target click-through rates, but something easy Trena recommends is to set a goal of a better click-through rate than the previous video you posted. If the video you posted this Monday had a 3.2% click-through rate, set a goal for next Monday’s video to hit 4%. Trena offers some tips for improving your click-through rate:

  • Add your face to the thumbnail
  • Remove text from the thumbnail
  • Tweak video title to make it more enticing with emotional words like “secrets” and “hacks”
  • Pitch the value of your video early

Study your audience retention graphs. Trena says it’s critically important to “hone in on that hook in your video to make people watch.” The more time people spend watching your videos, the more valuable your content becomes on YouTube. She also says that if you don’t do something to address their pain point and how you’re going to help them solve it in the first 5-10 seconds of your video, they’re going to walk away.

The Three Types of Video

Discoverable content

Think of things like tutorials and how-to videos. These are your net to cast out that bring new people to your channel.

Community videos

These are meant to connect with your audience who already subscribe to you on a deeper level to build trust.

Sales videos

The primary goal of this video is to send them to your landing page while the other two types of videos are meant to increase your YouTube watch time.

Using the three types of video to create a series is the winning formula for building trust and relationships which lead to the right people buying your product or service.

Ramon put Trena on the spot and asked, “What if I don’t like how I look or how I sound on video? Should I just not do video.” Her response was that you definitely should do video and “when you are yourself, then the people who are actually going to buy from you find you.”

She says you don’t have to be an expert to be on video. “What people really connect with is when someone is just two or three steps ahead of them.” They feel you can help them to a “quick win” It may not be “you zone of genius, but [you] know a little bit about it, that could help somebody,” who knows nothing about that topic.

The Mechanics of Making a Video

Your cell phone is a great place to start. Trena doesn’t even own a fancy DSLR camera herself. She says the best way to get started is to prop your cellphone up in a window. “Make sure that cellphone is between you and the window because that natural light is the best light you’re going to get. It’s the cheapest and better than any lighting kit you can buy.”

She also recommends using your earbuds because those have a microphone built into them. Or you can buy a budget-friendly and more advanced microphone like the Lavalier that Trena uses for all of her audio needs.

Lighting is so easy. If you can’t find good natural lighting, Trena recommends heading to your local hardware store and picking up, or even ordering off Amazon, daylight balance lightbulbs. Putting them in your overhead light and lamps around you will give you that bright white effect you see in “professional” videos.

Finally, Trena says, “just post that video! It does not need to be perfect…Everybody starts somewhere…but the key is that they started.” Trena emphasizes that it’s important not to let your insecurities get in the way. “The more you do it, the better you’ll get!”


If you want more great info on creating videos, head over to Trena’s YouTube channel Tips with Trena

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