Rebecca Shine Shares Great Brand Building Tips You Need to Know

Rebecca Shine Shares Great Brand Building Tips You Need to Know

A few months back I had the privilege of moderating the Wix Small Business Breakfast on Boosting Your Brand by Adding Personality. The guest speaker was Rebecca Shine, formerly with Red Bull and now owner of NY Shine, a New York City based marketing agency dedicated to helping small business owners with brand building and developing strategic marketing plans.

During the half-hour presentation, Rebecca shared great insight into various marketing strategies including developing a brand, differentiating yourself in the market,  and creating something special for the market that has strong value. As Rebecca relayed to the attendees, it all starts with three very basic questions:

  1. Who do I want to be?
  2. What is this product or service that I'm offering?
  3. What makes me very different from everyone else out there?

Rebecca shared some great tips and strategies on how to find what differentiates you from your competition and then how to communicate that to enhance your brand. To learn about these tips and strategies, you can watch the video of the presentation below:

Have you differentiated yourself and your brand? Share with our community in the comments below how you've done it and what it's done for our brand!

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