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Root’s and Wings – God Dreamed Design Course – Tamra Andress

The purpose of this course is to catapult your calling! To expand & design your God-dream! To help you establish your business premise on the one true solid foundation, The Rock, by which your purpose and passions will take flight. By staking claim on your purposed identity as a Kingdom Entrepreneur, we will develop the mindsets, methods and models to bring to life the vision He has planned for you before you were knit in your mother’s womb.

Copy Writing Turns Words in Actions – Seth Godin

      1. Speak with emotion
      2. Speak to SOMEONE
      3. Good copywriting is essential to great marketing

Quickbooks Buys Mailchimp – Fast Company

      1. Expansion of Quickbooks
      2. Kudos to Mailchimp / boot strapped
      3. Blend marketing data with financial data

Instagram is Toxic for Teenage Girls

      1. Body image / shaming
      2. Envy of others which are not always realistic
      3. ALL of use use less social

Not All Debt is the Same – Good Debt vs Bad Debt – CO

      1. good debt returns money to your pocket, but bad debt takes money from your pocket.

Supply Chain Disruption – NetSuite

      1. Plan ahead
      2. Look at past data
      3. Stock up
      4. Get financing in order

What Can Marketers Learn from Effective Magazine Headlines

      2. They leave the reader wanting more
      3. Emotional language
      4. Clear Angle

USA Network Live Competition Show – America’s Big Deal

Use Low Code To Grow your Business

      1. No-code and low-code software tools have garnered much popularity, especially recently. Whether a business is already familiar with the software or has never heard of it till now, learning about how to leverage low-code in a dynamically changing workforce will help SMBs with limited budgets and time restraints meet customization and automation needs.

 9 Ways Reviews Help Potential Customers Find Your Business

    2. Legitimize your business
    3. Demonstrate responsiveness
    4. Incentivize top level services


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