The Importance of Positive Attitude: An Inspiring Update from Hannah Perry of the Giggling Pig

At Smart Hustle we love to hear and tell the stories of savvy small business owners who are passionate about starting and growing a business. Even better, we treasure the follow-up stories where we can find out what has happened to them since our last interview. Today we are excited to share an inspiring update from one of our favorite Smart Hustlers, Hannah Perry of The Giggling Pig.

The Difference One Year Can Make When You Hustle

We interviewed Hannah back in February 2016. To get the full story you can read the article and watch the video here. In a nutshell, Hannah came to America from England with just $15 in her pocket and worked seven days a week while she slowly grew her art studio. In 2011 she opened the studio and named it The Giggling Pig after a children’s book she wrote and illustrated. As the business grew she moved to a larger venue – a two-thousand-square-foot facility in Shelton, Connecticut.

Less than a year later, we have learned that Hannah has expanded to a second location in nearby Bethel, which opened in September 2016. The children’s book that inspired the name is also becoming a series, with a second book coming out in early 2017.

The Key to Hannah’s Success

Although it’s fun to live vicariously through Hannah, you may be wondering how you can replicate the same sort of success in your own small business. Our earlier interview revealed that a big part of the success (beyond her overall hustle) is Hannah’s positive attitude, which translates to positive staff members and a positive experience for kids and parents.

We saw this positive attitude come to life on the stage of the 2016 Smart Hustle Conference, where Hannah urged the listeners in the audience to “Never give up!” You can catch a glimpse of her presentation by clicking the Play button below.

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