The One Pager – Showcase Who You Are!

A one pager gives decision makers a quick glance of who you are and how you can best serve them or their audience.

Mike Zeller One Pager

Use a one pager to set you a part and showcase why the decision maker should pick you!

A one pager quickly highlights who you are, your accomplishments, what you speak about and other essential things.

Give your one pager to clients, producers and “bookers” who are seeking experts for TV or radio segments. It’s great for podcast hosts and others who want to know how best to position you for their audience.

A one pager helps prepare someone else to work with you you.

Use a one pager to quickly and tastefully position you as a desired authority, in the minds of others!

Successful coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and thought leaders use one pagers as tools to help them get booked on podcasts, TV, radio interviews and more.

A one pager helps enhance your credibility and makes you stand out.

When publicity decision makers, like a podcast host or TV producer are deciding between you and 2 others, your one pager can help you stand out.

What should go inside your one pager?

  • Professional Photograph

  • Key topics you speak about

  • Facts and stats about you

  • An expansion and further description of your key topics

  • A quote about you

  • Logos of the key publicity you’ve had

Ramon Ray One Pager

Once we receive your payment, you’ll be given a LINK for you to fill out the one pager input form.

Within 3 business days we’ll send you a first draft of your one pager for review.

You’ll have up to 3 more business days to send us back changes you would like to the one pager.

After that, CONGRATULATIONS, you now have a professionally produced one pager that you can use for your next interview, introduction or opportunity!

Buy Now – $149

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We’re so glad to SERVE and HELP YOU showcase who you are!
Your ONE PAGER is a powerful tool , to TAKE YOUR BRAND to the next level.


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