Creating a Mobile App Startup with Little to No Experience

Have you ever just sat and wondered how many hours app developers have spent building top mobile applications that generate a lot of money, even if they’re free? You’ve probably thought that only experienced app developers have found success, but in reality, there are many apps that made it without any development experience. You don’t have to be a programmer or know coding, but if you want to start a software company, you will gain experience by starting with a mobile app. However, before starting an app business, there are a few things that need to be taken into account.

Should You Build The App In-house Or Outsource the First Version? advises beginners to outsource the first version of the app, then hire developers in-house to do the rest of the job. If you don’t care about the costs of hiring professionals, you will get many benefits. But there’s a third option less explored by entrepreneurs, and which is considered a hybrid: find an outsourced partner and “hire” his developers. You won’t need to worry about any papers, as these developers are working for the outsourced company and you will only use their services. It’s very advantageous because you will pay the company only for the hours worked by the team of developers.

Don’t Try To Find a Tech Partner Through Google Search

The first thing that someone does when they want to find an answer is to do a Google search. However, it’s not the best idea when it comes to finding the best tech partner to either outsource the complete project or “borrow” developers from. Many companies will appear on the first page of Google search, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re great. If you still want to dig deep into the search engine, be patient and check each result until you find articles that contain positive reviews about the company, then contact them and propose a collaboration.

A Bit of Coding Never Hurt Anyone

Don’t expect others to read your mind and create the perfect product based on your sketches. Plus, you wouldn’t understand what variables and functions, pointers and recursion mean, which is why you need to learn some basic programming skills and language, just to be able to discuss the product (app) with the team of developers, while it’s in the initial stages. If you want to learn to build Android apps, then you will study programming languages such as Java, Corona, Phonegap or HTML/Javascript, while iOS apps require Swift, C or C++.

Hire In-house, Eventually

Start on the right foot with your technology startup and hire in-house app developers to continue with your product. Your investors will prefer safety and professionalism, and will ask you to keep the development in-house. This way, you will also be able to monitor your employees to evaluate the progress they are making. But remember that full-time employees will cost you a lot of money and if their work doesn’t pay off, your investors will not like it.

Raise Funds for Your Mobile App Startup

The best way to obtain enough money to develop an app is by using crowdfunding. There are many funding platforms where people post their projects and hope that strangers will donate money to help them bring their dreams to life. Kickstarter is the perfect place where the magic happens, and many projects become reality, thanks to people who believe in them. For example, at this moment, there are some games that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, far above expectations.

Social Media Is the Effective Way to Promote Your Product

There are over 1.7 billion people who have a Facebook account, but let’s not forget that this isn’t the only social media platform with a large user base. However, Facebook is extremely popular, and enterprises are using it to build an online reputation, to reach their customer segment and promote their products. Why waste your time only posting photos and inspirational quotes when you can get likes with and for your mobile application?


All mobile entrepreneurs started from somewhere, and when they’re looking back into their past, they remember how hard it was for them to succeed with little experience. But they were guided by senior app developers, who told them what steps they should take, to reach the top. Learning to code is not easy, but with little ambition and a good team, everything is possible.

Creating a Mobile App Startup with Little to No ExperienceMehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a company that provides mobile app development services in iOS and Android platforms for the global clients. He has more than 6 years experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development. He loves to write on mobile technologies, app development, startups, entrepreneurship and mobile app marketing.