Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer Shares 3 Fatal Hiring Mistakes Almost Every Small Business Makes

Today we are speaking to small business owners who have been in the hustle for a while now and are looking to get to the next level. The key to accelerated growth at this stage? Hiring the right people.

That certainly doesn’t sound like earth shattering advice, but hear me out. While hiring the right team is simple in concept, it can be one of the most difficult tasks to execute successfully. To shine some light on this topic, I recently spoke with Ryan Deiss of DigitalMarketer.com at #ICON17. In the section below we will share some highlights, but remember to hit Play on the video to get a richer discussion of hiring dos and don’ts. The success and growth of your business depend on it!

3 Fatal Hiring Mistakes

1. Hiring People Based on Solely on Tasks, Not Mindset

Often times business owners focus exclusively on job duties when hiring. You need an executive assistant, someone to check the mail, someone for customer support, etc. But while you must find team members who are skilled at specific duties, you also have to screen for the right mindset. As Ryan says in the interview, “You have to have really talented people who wake up every morning and show up thinking just like you think, which is ‘how can I grow my company?’”

2. Trying to Find Someone Just Like You

Entrepreneurs are exceptionally smart and talented people, and when they try to find others just like them, they often come up short. Instead of looking for the perfect person who does everything as good as you do, Ryan says entrepreneurs should review the things that drive growth in their business and try to find someone who can do ONE of those things at least as well as they can.

3. Not Being Clear on Expectations

In our interview, Ryan also reflects upon the different jobs a small business owner may hire for. In some cases, you could be filling a completely new position and looking for the right person who will create the plan and guide the project. In other cases, you already know how to do the task well and simply want to delegate it to someone else who will handle the task exactly as you do. Either way, be fair to potential candidates by communicating expectations, and it will be easier to find the right person for your team.

Click Play on the video above to get a deeper discussion of these and other major small business hiring mistakes. You can also check out DigitalMarketer.com for free resources such as their blog posts and Perpetual Traffic Podcast.