How to Improve Your Marketing Efforts with Strategic Packaging

Are you a start-up business looking for a cost effective way of improving your packaging supplies? There are lots of ways you can cut cost through packaging and still have a great marketing strategy. The packaging of your products may be the factor that decides whether your business sinks or swims.

If you are thinking about changing your packaging strategy, this is also a great time as the industry itself is making a move towards eco-friendly and minimalist packaging. This does not need to be an expensive move for your business. Something as simple as a cardboard box can be transformed into a marketing masterpiece.

As a customer, you will understand the frustration that can come from receiving broken or faulty goods that have not been prepared for their delivery journey.  But what is the key to getting packaging just right?

Protective Packaging

Before typing “packaging design inspiration” into Google, strip back to the basics and think about the purpose of your packaging. If you are an e-commerce business, protective packaging should be at the top of your business’ priority list.

Investing in wholesale bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard boxes will save your business money in the long term. If you are selling delicate goods, investing in protective packaging could save your business money in stock replacement.

The purpose of product packaging is to protect the product from damage. Whether the package is big or small here are some ideas on how you can keep your packages safe during transit.

  • Tissue Paper – Tissue Paper is great for smaller items as it is inexpensive and works well to protect items like jewelry, hand-designed cards, hair accessories or material items like gloves and hats.
  • Bubble Wrap – Bubble wrap is one of the most popular choices of protective packaging and is used by a number of online sellers to protect more delicate items like sunglasses or shoes. Investing in heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes may protect some stock from damage, but doubling up with bubble wrap means that your items will not move around if the boxes aren’t filled properly.
  • Loose Fill Chips – Great for bigger boxes to fill in spaces and can be used with a variety of materials. For those who are conscious about packaging materials, loose fill chips are a popular biodegradable protective packaging product.

The Eco-Attraction

Customers can become frustrated with excessive packaging with layers upon layers of protective measures. Reusable and recyclable packaging is becoming trendy. For example, the environmental organization Greenpeace is currently promoting the use of sustainable coffee cups and shaming businesses that use non-recycle coffee cups.

It is clear that having an eco-friendly packing solution is becoming more important for consumers, and this has been shown in a recent survey.

  • 83 percent of consumers say that it is important for businesses to construct programs which are environmentally friendly.
  • 22 percent of that group said that they would be willing to pay a higher price for an environmentally friendly product.

If your business is using recycled cardboard packaging, keep in mind that it is one of the best materials to use for eco-friendly packaging. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be made from 100 percent recycled materials – make sure you are letting your customers know this.

Packaging Promotion

Packaging should tell the customer about your service, and customizing your cardboard boxes does not have to be expensive. The best example of packaging promotion is Amazon’s “smile” packaging. When Amazon was designing their latest company logo, their designers stumbled across a marketing opportunity that was too good to be missed.

“We couldn’t resist showing them some packaging ideas, and a number of them required a little bit of extra cost. Immediately he wrote those off saying, ‘I’m not spending any more money on packaging.’ And then I remember saying to him, ‘How about if we could make a million good impressions for your brand a week without spending an extra dime?” The designers put this plan into motion and the “smiley arrow” beneath the logo, was added to every box that Amazon shipped – which is a lot of boxes. 23 million Amazon boxes are shipped every week, making a total of 23 million free advertisements for the company.

Keep it simple and strip it back to the basics when you are thinking about packaging design. Once you have a cost effective strategy in place, it is then time to think about design. Be original and let your packaging tell your customers what kind of business you are.

SuzanneSuzanne Vallance is a writer for the small business industry. She uses her knowledge to help drive start-ups and businesses to success. Currently, she writes for Glasgow packaging supplies company Ferrari Packaging.

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