Ignition Video Series: Sally Hogshead on How to Differentiate Yourself in Your Business

Ignition Video Series: Sally Hogshead on How to Differentiate Yourself in Your Business

This week on Ignition, Sally Hogshead, NY Time Best Selling Author and expert in branding and personality, joins Ellis and Ramon to share her advice on how to become an industry leader by differentiating yourself in your business.

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Question of the Week: I’m a woman and I run and teach at my own flight school. As an expert with lots of experience, I have a great student base and the school is doing well. But, I’m trying to shape myself as an expert and thought leader in the greater aviation industry which is very heavily male dominated. Most of my students are men and most of my peer and industry leaders are men. How do I position myself as an expert while finding a balance of being authentic to myself and also meeting the men in the industry where they are and bringing them my message? And, how can I harness my strengths to get through to some of the men who might not be as receptive to a female expert?

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"As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we constantly need to be asking ourselves how we can differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace and use our personality advantages naturally to attract ideal customers" says Sally.

Here are three challenges that she shares that every business faces:

1. Competition

This is inevitable in almost every industry.  With so many options and businesses to choose from, it's important to make your business stand out from your competition. Differentiate your business in a way that makes it clear why someones should choose your product or services over a competitors.

2. Distraction

The average attention span is 9 seconds.  Use this to your advantage by doing something different and gaining the attention of prospective clients in a shorter amount of time.

3. Commoditization 

Businesses that are similar to each other often compete on the basis of pricing. However, this can cause a downward spiral in your business and inhibit you from being able to grow.

According to Sally, every business has a choice: they can either have the biggest budget, or be the most fascinating. Watch the video to learn how you can be the most fascinating in your business and become a leader in your industry and take the fascination assessment to identify your strengths and find out what your personality advantages are. (Use code: IGNITION)

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