SCORE Webinar Producer Shares How To Produce A Successful Webinar

One of the hottest forms of marketing in today’s digital world is the webinar. You have seen large companies offer them and you may have even attended one – but are webinars appropriate for small businesses too? According to our latest interview guest, Steve Jarriel, the answer is a resounding YES!

Steve started out as a TV reporter and anchor then began to drift toward online video and online video marketing. Along the way, he discovered SCORE, an organization that provides free business mentoring and education for anyone looking to start or grow a business. He joined the team as webinar producer.

SCORE’s mission is to help people build their businesses with free programs, including connecting entrepreneurs with mentors in their local communities, video mentoring, email mentoring and a range of educational services, like weekly webinars that are produced and hosted by Steve. There are three goals of SCORE’s webinars: to inform, inspire, and have fun. As Steve puts it, “We try to provide insights and inspiration, and to send people out the door with a feeling – and it’s a real feeling – that I too can do that.”

Steve defines a webinar as a podcast that has multi-media elements inserted directly into it. In contrast with a webcast (where a camera simply takes a video of a live event or presentation and pushes it out to a web audience), a webinar provides a level of interactivity to truly connect with your audience. Not only can they see your presentation, but they can also participate via multi-media elements: you can share a URL, offer a download, poll the audience, or take questions.

Since small businesses rely so heavily on personalized marketing, you can see how webinars could be a wonderful tool to grow customer connections. However, you might also think it is too difficult to produce one yourself. This is where Steve is happy to share his knowledge and get you started on the right foot.

Click the interview below to hear Steve’s expert advice, including how to choose a webinar platform, how to choose topics, best practices, and why webinars are so important for small business.

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