Is Holding On, Keeping You Back? Ramon's Phone Upgrade Teaches Him a Big Lesson.

Last week I upgraded to the Samsung S-10 Galaxy phone after having the S-7 phone for many years. It got me thinking, "what else am I holding onto that is keeping me back?".

For months I resisted spending the $1,000 (give or take) on the S-10. However, the S-7 had such terrible battery life, I had to charge it every few hours. It was not only annoying but hindering my work. My phone is essential to my content creation and education of the Smart Hustle community.

Finally, I went to the store and bought an S-10. Within hours I knew I made the right choice.

The S-10 has much longer battery life (all day), the camera is immensely better, the speed is faster, the usability is easier, the security is better and I could go on.

Think about it...all this time I was holding on to something, afraid to invest in something better. Think of the months I've spent wasting time and being unproductive.

Back to my original question? What else am I holding on to that I should let go of and get something better? What about you?

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